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BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

In addition, BWG Connect provides free consultations & specializes in helping brands of all sizes with their digital strategy, planning and execution. We have had 1x1 conversations with over 4,000 brands and have a real-time pulse on what digital strategies are successful and why. The in-depth knowledge that we have aggregated from our conversations with brands allows our team to operate on the cutting edge and provide best-in-class guidance on how to win in the digital world.

Upcoming Events

At BWG Connect, we believe the best method for knowledge sharing is through a gathering of a diverse group of industry professionals for a candid conversation centered around their biggest interests and pain points they are looking to address. See our list of upcoming events and click here to inquire about any of our upcoming conference calls, webinars, happy hours, dinners or full day events.

BWG Connect Areas of Expertise

Amazon Relationship Management

Streamline your vendor/seller relationship with Amazon including portfolio management, pricing, disputes, charge-backs, contact-us cases, merchandising plan execution and routine business meetings.

Amazon 1P/3P/Hybrid Model Selection

Understand the implications of the various models and how switching can impact your business in positive/negative ways.

Amazon Advertising

From Sponsored products to the DSP, gain a better understanding of the different options for using Advertising Amazon to drive traffic to product pages on Amazon as well as your own D2C site.

Digital Marketing

Connect with an expert on best practices in digital marketing including Adwords, Facebook ads, programmatic, email, mobile and more.

Executive Education & Training

Leverage our experience from working with over 3000 brands to provide high level, strategic education on what best-in-class digital first companies are doing to win in the age of new retail.

eCommerce Platform Selection

Selecting the right platform is a critical step. Get an in-depth analysis from top experts to guide the selection of the right platform for your business, and minimize the costs of platforming/re-platforming.

Unauthorized Resellers & MAP Compliance

Reclaim your brand and protect its value with the help of experts backed by case studies.


Grow your brand awareness and increase site traffic and conversions by staying on top of the continuously updated search engine algorythms.

TV Home Shopping

Have leading experts evaluate your product for potential on the $15B+ TV shopping channel marketplace.

International Expansion

This is a complicated step for businesses and is best done with guidance. Schedule some time on our calendar to discuss in detail so we can connect you with the industry leader in your category.

Walmart Ecosystem Expansion

Take advantage of the rapidly growing Walmart ecosystem of sites and all they have to offer.

Digital Ad Fraud

Safeguard your D2C ad budget from the average of over 30% being consumed by fraudulent traffic to your site.

Small Parcel Rate Optimization

Save money on shipping costs by taking advantage of industry experts that know what your rates should be and can help you get them there.

2-Day Shipping Partners

Amazon has raised the bar in customer expectations around shipping. Find partners that are able to meet those expectations for shipments from any marketplace.

Marketplace Expansion and Optimization

Simplify everything from product set-up process to order/shipment management to ERP integration so you can quickly and efficiently expand the number of marketplaces you sell on and grow your business.

Social Media Marketing

Find the tool that enables you to both listen for you brand’s presence in social media as well as capitalize on those insights to serve better, more targeted, higher converting ads.

Cross Border Sales

Leverage the flexibility of cross border selling to grow your brand in other markets.

Go To Market Strategy

Maximize the potential of your innovative new product with wider distribution in less time.


Gain a better understanding of what best-in-class companies are doing to win on the Wayfair platform.

Talent Acquisition

Find director level and above talent through retained search firms specializing in your industry.

Why Participate?

Join a high quality group of peers to engage in unbiased discussions around specific topics & ecosystems. BWG events are time efficient forums to keep a pulse on trends, insights and industries as a whole and to provide networking opportunities.

Our Team

The BWG Connect team has decades of experience. We take time to understand your goals and make sure our recommendations are targeted and practical.

Aaron Conant
Mike Savino
Nick Sands
Patrick Delp
Neal Kara
Corbin Berry


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