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Proprietary network of 150,000+ knowledgeable industry professionals across sectors
Focused discussions on current trends with active decision makers, not former employees and paid consultants
A differentiated service - Curated Insights from engaging forums,  focused insight reports,  and timely custom research
Driving Better Business
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  • I found the BWG sessions to be quite informative. It's a really good mix of resellers, OEMs in some cases, and also customers, that are able to give honest and candid feedback about how various technology products and services are being used in the real world.

    Adam Japhet

    Senior Director of Corporate Infrastructure at MLB
  • I think BWG’s panel design is a real strength. I like the network of experts. The moderators are knowledgeable and do a great job working with the expert panels to get the most from every participant

    $9B AUM Hedge Fund

  • I already shared this report with the entire investment team and recommended they try BWG for these types of projects because the outputs are super high quality and useful.

    $1.7B AUM Hedge Fund

  • I rank BWG best-in-class among the research firms I’ve worked with. I like BWG because it means we don’t have to use analysts.

    $22B AUM Hedge Fund

  • BWG’s biggest strength is their network of expert participants. BWG gives me access to people I simply can’t access any other way. This access is the reason I choose BWG.

    $400M AUM Hedge Fund

  • I don’t know what I would do without BWG. They deliver incredible value to me.

    $4T AUM Investment Fund

  • I love BWG’s portal and call summaries. Using those two tools, I can consume a lot more content from BWG in a faster amount of time. It just screams value and efficiency.

    $700M AUM Hedge Fund

  • The level of insights that BWG provided and the styling of the questions was amazing. Truly amazing job and I will be recommending to our other teams to utilize BWG for their needs. Thank you so very much for working with us on this survey.

    Head of US Sales at Leading Payments Company

About Us

BWG sources proprietary, relevant, and timely insight from our large and growing network of 150,000+ experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals for thousands of investment managers and corporate partners. This insight is extracted and curated by our expert moderators and data team. 

Our unique network-based primary research model ensures that we maximize the return on our customers' time and increase their odds of success.

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