Vik Chaudhary

Head of Product, Dropbox Enterprise Dropbox

The roundtable conversations with industry experts bring insights to Dropbox in helping us strategize on the interoperability of our enterprise products with leading SaaS vendors. BWG's team is incredibly attuned to market dynamics and conducts electrifying sessions that reveal insights into market and product trends. I cannot recommend their service enough for anyone in the technology industry.

Wayne Webb

Head of Finance IT Dow Jones

In the digital transformation space, BWG has consistently provided opportunities to meaningfully engage with like-minded executives on relevant technologies and interests. The ability to conveniently access a broad group of agenda-free opinions from peers across industries has been tremendously valuable. It has helped inform and validate our decision making.

Stephen Heckard

I've been really impressed - and I think others would be too - with the free exchange of ideas and perspectives that expand your horizons. I think that's something that anyone should expect to get out of BWG sessions.

Sr. Consultant
ProBank Austin

Charles Hoop

I like hearing from my peers and what they're doing in similar situations. Also, it's good to hear from the industry side of the table because a lot of times our interactions with vendors for particular transactions, it's good to understand the broader thinking of what the vendors are going through.

Senior IT Category Management

David Grigsby

Founder & CEO Grigsby Consulting LLC

BWG Sessions are laden with experiential first-hand knowledge, KPI's, metrics, and sentiment of the markets that provide, as a valuable benefit a corollary source, for Grigsby Consulting clients.

Founder & CEO
Grigsby Consulting LLC

Stuart Sim

Founder & President ModernAgent by Ampify

I've been working with BWG now for seven years. I join them because I believe the people they bring on-board are exceptionally relevant to the industry I'm in and they're all top quality people. So you're getting a real assessment of the business and where the business will go in the future.

Kim Gandhi

BWG sessions have been a wonderful way for me to hear what other companies are thinking about when it comes to various products and what the future holds for those technologies.  I love the interaction that we have with the facilitiators and the succinct and action packed meetings cover alot of ground in short bursts of time.  It has truly helped me to continue to grow my own knowledge and expertise across many areas.

Global Salesforce Program Manager

Bruce Dunfee

Senior Director of Specialty & Fashion Sales Reebok

I found the big reasons why I kept coming back was the sheer marketing intelligence that I can get from colleagues of mine, different perspectives on what was coming from a trend perspective. Ultimately, no one has time to network, so this because an opportunity to become very viable to me over the past several years.

Brian Hoadley

I join the technical sessions because of the experts that come on, mainly to learn about new technologies and get an unbiased opinion, both good and bad, from those experts. BWG gives participants information about products and services from various information technology and security vendors. They allow people to respond and give back feedback to one another.

IT Security Coordinator
Northside Hospital

Adam Japhet

I found the BWG sessions to be quite informative. It's a really good mix of resellers, OEMs in some cases, and also customers, that are able to give honest and candid feedback about how various technology products and services are being used in the real world.

Senior Director, IT Infrastructure

Hewlett Packard

HP sponsored a private dinner through BWG. The format provided an objective assessment of the private cloud market and IT challenges. The dinner went a long way towards accelerating relationships with several important clients.

Pure Storage

BWG leverages the targets that we provide and their proprietary network to recruit senior business professionals. BWG has brought forward prospects that our teams haven't been able to reach before. We have run numerous events across the country with BWG, and we have seen success across all of them! BWG really differs in how they run the events and the attendees that they're able to attract.


BWG has been hosting executive roundtables with T-Systems for 5 years. They are
tremendous subject matter experts with an unmatched network. They are a trusted
marketing partner.


I've been to a lot of these types of dinners and this was by far the most mutually beneficial and well-organized one.


Over the course of almost two years in leading the North American sales organization for Amazon Pay, my team enlisted BWG Strategy to help support our new customer acquisition strategy for Mid-Market and Large Enterprise size opportunities. From the very beginning, Bill Williams and the talented BWG staff sought to understand our overall strategy, help us uncover opportunities for improved customer engagement and interest, and worked tirelessly to help us accelerate sales adoption across a very competitive payments ecosystem. Their planning, their execution, and their follow-up are the best amongst anyone in the industry of connecting companies to the most important insights and prospects needed to achieve aggressive business goals. I offer Bill and his organization my highest recommendation, and will turn to them every year as new future business needs arise for us internally.


BWG Strategy is a critical Business Development partner for building pipeline & increasing conversion. Through email connections, VIP dinners, schedule-setting 1x1 meetings around tent-pole events, and full-day forums, BWG has solidified themselves as the most efficient & effective lead generation source that we have leveraged to date for connections to key decision-makers at enterprise companies."

Barry Cinnamon

CEO Spice Solar & Cinnamon Solar

BWG provides a convenient teleconferencing forum in which experienced solar executives can learn from each other. The calls are efficient, extremely well organized, and cover timely topics. The insights and networking contacts from these calls have been extremely valuable.

Cinnamon Energy Systems

Dino Vasiladiotis

Senior Data Center Strategist Vice President Bloomberg LP

In today’s disruptive and agile digital era, BWG Strategy prepares senior executives from various technology verticals to embrace success in digital transformation endeavors. The content and audience is eclectic, where everyone brings a unique perspective on bleeding edge technologies. The BWG Strategy forums and calls are sought after, as the synergy of business and technology is capitalized.

Senior Data Center Strategist - Vice President
Bloomberg LP

Ron Breakstone

VP of eCommerce FreshDirect

BWG provides a forum to stay connected with other eCommerce executives and share in experiences, issues, and solutions. BWG is an invaluable network to make meaningful connections and stay on top of industry trends and solutions.

Dean Taraboi

National Sales Director Capcom

BWG has afforded me convenient access to fellow executives to share industry news & ideas via conference calls that are very well run and highly professional. I’ve established ongoing correspondence with several new contacts and learned invaluable industry insights through BWG’s Q&A conference calls.

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