BWG Forums and Primary Research

There are massive changes in where consumers are finding value in preventive and general healthcare. The Healthcare Industry is constantly morphing and rapidly transforming. BWG events are agnostic forums where experienced professionals discuss the critical trends impacting these industries.

Healthcare Related Topics

Population health management and value-based reimbursement
Biopharma R&D budgets
Clinical laboratory budgets
Fitness centers
Consumer health trends
Staffing shortages
Legislative and regulatory updates


Medical devices
Instruments and supplies
Health plans
Healthcare facilities and providers
Healthcare information technology
Healthcare distribution
Diagnostics and research organizations
Fitness and wellness

Healthcare Insight Reports

Off the shelf and custom surveys from a network of over 75,000 professionals and a proprietary database of over 1 million contacts. Multiple reports weekly on topics across healthcare. BWG leverages insights from in-person events to focus on the critical questions.

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