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BWG technology forums bring together practitioners, not observers, to discuss the real-world trends that are shaping the enterprise technology landscape.

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Professionals join to learn about vendors and trends, to network and explore new opportunities. We ask all professionals to come prepared to share opinions, ask questions and engage in the group discussion.


Technology Categories

BWG Strategy focuses on the details of industry segments discussing key trends and vendors

  • Cloud Services

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    Public Cloud IaaS compute and storage services, lift and shift, public cloud as a utility
    PaaS services databases, NoSQL, EDW, EBS, CDN
    Micro-services, containers and serverless
    Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies

    Information Security

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    All of the critical attack surfaces
    Endpoint (EDR/MDR), Network, Email, Cloud security, identity, remote access, user behavior, data security and encryption, SIEM, vulnerability monitoring

    Enterprise Applications

    Select Discussion Topics
    ERP and core functions -- sales, marketing, service desk, supply chain, purchasing, IT operations, HR, planning, collaboration, RPA,
  • IT Infrastructure, Data Centers, and Connectivity

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    Public Cloud IaaS compute and storage services, lift and shift, public cloud as a utility
    Wireless and wireline
    Hyperconverged and composable
    End-user devices - laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones

    Data Platforms and Systems

    Select Discussion Topics
    Distributed databases, cloud and on-premise - snowflake, databricks, hadoop
    Data aggregation platforms - Splunk, Elastic, log aggregation
    ETL / ELT - data movement and transformation, data prep
    Business intelligence and analytics
    Data science, AI and Machine Learning
    Open source and commercial data science platforms
    AI / ML Cloud services

    Application Development, DevOps and Monitoring

    Select Discussion Topics
    Infrastructure and Application monitoring
    Agile processes, publishing for cloud
    Software languages and software development tools
  • Semiconductors

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    Compute -- CPU, GPU, FPGAs
    Wireless modems
    Networking switching and routing
    Optical components
    Specialized chips - automotive, rugged

    Enterprise Collaboration

    Select Discussion Topics
    Enterprise communication - PBX, UCaaS
    Video and Web conferencing
    Multi Channel Messaging - Slack and Teams

    Healthcare Technology

    Select Discussion Topics
    EHR and clinical systems
    Research systems - Data, CMTS, EDC
    Wearables and monitoring
  • Industrial Automation and Advanced Manufacturing

    Select Discussion Topics
    3D printing and additive manufacturing
    Advanced robotics and cobots
    Fulfillment centers, supply chain, order management
    Data capture, barcodes, RFID

    Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and Self Driving

    3D printing and additive manufacturing
    Self-driving rideshare service providers, policy and adoption
    Tier I and Tier II technology providers
    Autonomous driving sensors, MCUs and software

Technology Insight Reports

BWG surveys our network to publish over 150 Insight Reports annually, covering everything from IT Security, Cloud Databases, Telemedicine, and a broad range of enterprise applications. Below are some recent reports.

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