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About Us

BWG sources proprietary, relevant, and timely insight from our large and growing network of over 150,000+ experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals for thousands of investment managers and corporate partners. This insight is extracted and curated by our expert moderators and data team. Our unique network-based primary research model ensures that we maximize the return on our customers' time and increase their odds of success.
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Our Products

Virtual Forums

60 minute conference calls during which our skilled moderators extract proprietary observations and trends from experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals. BWG hosts over 2000 forums a year across sectors and gathers over 30,000 viewpoints.

Forum Synopses

Concise, comprehensive, and timely summaries of BWGs virtual forums. BWG's content team synthesizes the key points discussed on our forums so investors can make sense of the key themes & inflection points in a more time-efficient manner. All content is accessible through our client portal, dating back to 2020, to allow for longitudinal analysis.

Insight Reports

Deep dive primary research survey offering that helps you gather next-level data and qualitative commentary on specific companies & industries from partners, customers & other relevant professionals; over 400+ reports are in our library.

Daily Newsfeed

A daily summary of the critical takeaways from BWGs virtual forums. This is BWGs proprietary version of a Bloomberg or Newsfeed that enables investors to gain a real-time edge.

Custom Surveys

Survey programming, fieldwork and analysis using BWG's internally curated panels to drive unparalleled insights.

Custom Interviews

1-1 interviews conducted on your behalf, leveraging our content knowledge and moderation expertise to extract more actionable intelligence.

Custom Virtual Focus Groups

Interactive group panels with your target audiences that help you test hypotheses and reach conclusions faster.
I would rate BWG best in class. BWG is able to consistently attract a very high-quality group of people for their calls. It is the strength of their expert panels that defines their value to me and my team.
$400M AUM Hedge Fund
I rank BWG best-in-class among the research firms I’ve worked with. I like BWG because it means we don’t have to use analysts.
$22B AUM Hedge Fund
I think BWG’s panel design is a real strength. I like the network of experts. The moderators are knowledgeable and do a great job working with the expert panels to get the most from every participant.
$9B AUM Hedge Fund

How Is BWG Different

Unique Insights

BWG extracts and curates insight from our network interactions, without subjecting them to reams of irrelevant content or unremarkable 1-1 interactions

  • BWG moderators bring decades of Wall Street experience to the conversation, bridging the gap between industry-speak and investor parlance
  • Industry participants are recruited for their privileged and knowledgeable perspective on sectors being discussed; they are current and active customers or partners and bring real-time perspective on business change rather than historical, dated viewpoints

Essential Topics

BWG schedules an incredible calendar of 12 or more events/day based on direction from clients, industry and markets, and are critical resources on the topics people care about.

Time Efficient

We aggregate multiple viewpoints so that our clients can quickly and efficiently get to accurate and useful insight

  • Moderators serve as a conduit for investor concerns to ensure consistently relevant  conversations
  • We deliver insight summaries in concise and comprehensive written formats


Unlike other research firms that have to closely screen and monitor client-expert communications, compliance is built into BWG's network interaction design.

  • BWG does not compensate industry attendees
  • BWG does not set up 1-1 calls between industry attendees and institutional investors; investor attendees do not directly interact with industry participants

Moderator Engagement

Access to all of our moderators across sectors for 15-30 minute check in calls on recent trends or inflection points; calls may be on sector themes or on specific companies.

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