Facilitating Research to  Deepen your Connections

Through virtual forums and primary research, we bring to light real-world trends and unique insights.

As a group of skilled professionals, BWG allows professionals to share experiences, learn from each other, and build valuable relationships.

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Extensive & Deep Network

With over 125K senior professionals focused on Technology, Media, Consumer/Retail/eCom, and adjacent industries, we are one of the largest and deepest professional networks in the world.

In-person and Online Forums

A number of forums are hosted by the BWG each year, both online to provide breadth and frequency, as well as on-site to optimize networking and discovery.

Selecting the Right Executives

In order to ensure that the discussions stay on point, BWG curates groups based on a variety of skills and roles. Forums are by invitation-only, free to join, and we restrict sales pitches.

  • I found the BWG sessions to be quite informative. It's a really good mix of resellers, OEMs in some cases, and also customers, that are able to give honest and candid feedback about how various technology products and services are being used in the real world.
    Adam Japhet
    Senior Director of Corporate Infrastructure at MLB
  • BWG's team is incredibly attuned to market dynamics and conducts electrifying sessions that reveal insights into market and product trends. I cannot recommend their service enough for anyone in the technology industry.
    Vik Chaudhary
    Head of Product Dropbox Enterprise
  • What you get from the sessions, feeds into the knowledge repository, and helps calibrate strategy around technologies and platforms. I always feel I come out little more smarter, little more knowledgeable after attending any BWG session.
    Ashish Agarwal
    Director of Enterprise Architecture
    Farmers Insurance Group
  • These one hour conversations are pure gold! BWG Forum sessions are a fantastic opportunity to discuss and learn about major technology vendors, products and services from your peers. A safe and honest discussion with other genuine tech practitioners.
    David Michael
    Chief Technology

About BWG

The principals of BWG have decades of experience operating technology and primary research businesses.

Our team has extensive experience structuring forums and converting conversations into actionable insights and value-added content. The forums have become integrated into participants' workflows and are a time-efficient way to gather market information.

BWG Connect

The purpose of our program is to bring together peers facing similar challenges to meet experts and share experiences in order to solve real-world problems.

BWG Connect offers complimentary consultations and assistance with issues related to eCommerce, digital media, enterprise software, and security. We conduct thousands of one-on-one discussions with companies and provide free, unbiased advice on how to overcome challenges and achieve project objectives.

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BWG Talent

Recruiting for eCommerce, Marketing, and IT roles is the focus of our full lifecycle recruiting agency. From marketplace management to CTV advertising, we source and deliver candidates. Using the right search criteria is what we excel at.

1,000 Daily Passive Candidates
30,000 Companies Recognize & Trust The Brand
125,000+ Engaged Professionals
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