As companies look to optimize their approach in a digital-first world, many have shifted over to the cloud. Because of the cloud, they can access critical data, increase collaboration and efficiency, and improve their digital infrastructure. However, the many benefits of the cloud come with a fair share of challenges, particularly in the security realm. What tools can your company use to ensure data security in the cloud?

Orca Security’s Cloud Protection

Security threats are much more advanced than they used to be. That’s why many third-party services, like Orca Security, have stepped in to provide cutting-edge solutions. At Orca Security, they protect against vulnerability, misconfigurations, malware, lateral movement risk, and more.

Using a multi-cloud approach, Orca provides instant on-coverage for AWS, Azure, and GCP. It may seem like many moving parts, but the team at Orca guides organizations every step of the way, making sure their plan is mapped out until launch.

Plus, the timeframe to implement these solutions is quicker than you might expect. It takes about half an hour to implement for a single account, less than an hour for multiple accounts. Although large businesses can get more complex, Orca can help you get set up in days and ensure everything is in place before the solution is set in motion.

Cloud-Native Tools Versus a Third-Party Platform

There are many benefits of a third-party platform like Orca Security. But is a third-party platform worth the extra cost, or should you utilize cloud-native tools?

We’re seeing mixed opinions on whether cloud-native tools provide adequate security. Some companies believe that third-party tools are just regurgitating the results of cloud-native solutions, however, others see major gaps in cloud-native tools. Much of the existing on-premise software falls behind in the cloud security realm, and many companies are finding that third-party services have a more detailed, comprehensive approach.

You don't want to risk data security by opting for the cheapest solution. Ultimately, your company will be most secure when balancing cloud-native tools with an overlay service like Orca Security.

The Future of the Cloud

Overall, the cloud has a better system for the future than on-premise solutions. Although it’s difficult to measure improved security posture, Orca Security’s clients have found that risk prioritization has saved a considerable amount of time. Orca’s context-aware engine prioritizes the 1% of alerts that truly matter and need attention. On top of that, Orca’s solutions allow companies to have more visibility, which is vital to secure data.

Compared to on-premise solutions, the cloud has greater visibility, an essential security component. In fact, Orca Security prides itself on 100% data visibility. But why is visibility vital to secure cloud operations?

Greater visibility allows you to spot errors before they turn into full-scale data leaks. It also allows you to keep your environments, employees, and data as secure as possible. To gain visibility, many third-party solutions are turning toward agentless technology, eliminating coverage gaps and giving you a complete overview of your cloud data.

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