Conquering Amazon’s Algorithm Through Influencer Advertising

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Conquering Amazon’s Algorithm Through Influencer Advertising

Prospering on Amazon can be arduous, especially when programs, strategies, and platforms constantly change.

Fortunately, companies like ProductWind have been testing and learning to figure out the secret sauce to succeed on Amazon. Their findings? Influencer advertising might just be the way to go.

In sharpening its approach to influencer advertising, ProductWind has mastered its strategy to help other brands train Amazon’s algorithm and drive KPIs. So what’s the formula behind influencer advertising, and why is it so lucrative?

The Benefits of Influencer Advertising

Influencer advertising has become an increasingly popular technique to drive consumers to specific brands or products. But influencers create more than just testimonials for your brand — they craft keyword-driven content and help drive traffic, sales, ratings, and reviews.

Influencer advertising benefits your brand on multiple platforms. For example, on Amazon, influencers subliminally send signals to the platform through external traffic generated by their efforts. Over time, influencer-based traffic helps train the Amazon algorithm to love your product.

How Do You Measure Influencer Success?

For ProductWind, influencer success isn’t measured by likes or followers. “For most companies, when you say ‘influencers’ or ‘influencer marketing,’ their mind goes to some form of public relations and talking about likes and comments,” CRO Tim Wilson explains, “That’s not what we do…if we have a choice to optimize a campaign towards driving eCommerce metrics and KPIs…that’s the path we go down.”

Influencer advertising success isn’t dependent on how many “likes” your brand gets on socials. It’s about driving metrics that are connected to sales — you can see the whole journey from influencer to Amazon to brand revenue.

Another common concern brands have is how to vet influencers. To reiterate, you shouldn’t choose your influencer partnerships based on their following. You should look for people who cater to your audience’s demographics, develop beautiful content, and drive traffic, click-through rates, and sales.

“We're looking at to what degree this person [helps] drive each one of these KPIs that you need to be successful,” Tim says. “Then we assemble a team of people with the idea that there's no one influencer who can do all these things — it takes a village.”

A Case Study: How ProductWind Helped Bose Win on Amazon

Like many other brands, Bose was finding it difficult to win on Amazon due to program changes and expenses. However, their partnership with ProductWind helped them use influencer advertising to get back on track, launch products quickly, and take hold of Amazon’s algorithm.

Described as “an insurance policy for product launches,” ProductWind helped Bose find the right influencers and create campaigns that drove traffic to its products. Todd Weagant, Bose’s Global Head of Sales for Amazon, has high praise for his experience. “As soon as the campaign launched,” he says, “we could see traffic going up. We could see all of our standard metrics going up. And there was nothing else to attribute it to, except for the ProductWind activity.”

There are plenty of aspects on Amazon’s platform that are out of a brand’s control. But companies like ProductWind help you train the algorithm to your brand’s advantage. ProductWind offers transparency, influencer advertising insight, and strategies to help you succeed on Amazon — and beyond.


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