BWG Talent

A new type of search firm.

We leverage the power of personal connections. We leverage the BWG community and eliminate the broad, blind search to highlight the right professionals from the start.

About BWG Talent

We are a full lifecycle recruiting agency, servicing the hiring needs of eCommerce, Marketing and IT verticals. We source and deliver candidates from marketplace management to CTV advertising. Sourcing from the right search criteria is what we excel in.

Imagine needing external help hiring your next CMO, COO or VP of Sales. Instead of relying on one recruiter’s network to source your next role, you can leverage an entire community. We have the most connected leaders and subject matter experts, who have an exact pulse on who in their network needs a change, and who is a fit based on real experience and connection. We put the power of placement in the hands of those who intimately understand the role & have the network to find them.

Learn More About BWG Talent

Our Team

Our Team works with you to understand the construct of your company so we can understand how candidates will fit into your culture.
A team member will work one-on-one with you to understand and recognize exactly what position you are trying to fill.

Our Network

BWG will immediately access our extensive talent pool via our platform to save your organization valuable time.
Our network consists of over 150,000+ expert professionals and decision makers, who unlike most search firms, are active participants in our community

Our Method

The candidate pipeline is delivered using passive recruitment methods while tapping into our network.
Sourcing the appropriate experts in each industry, we present to you the most qualified candidates through powerful referrals.
The BWG Talent network consists of some of the most well known candidates who aren’t readily available to professionals out of our walls. BWG Talent has access to a wide variety of professionals. All the way from you CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, EVP’s, SVP’s, VP’s and other key decision makers across multiple industries.
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