Social Commerce The New Retail Revolution

Oct 29, 2020 11:00 am12:00 PM 


Retail will never be the same. The global pandemic is forcing a seismic shift in retail innovation and Social Commerce is at the center - creating a fun, engaging shopping experience that allows inspiration and transaction to happen in one platform.

The Social Commerce purchase journey is proving to out-perform traditional marketing tactics, driving to eCommerce sites, and proving to be the future to unlocking digital sales and customer engagement for brands.

The solution seems simple, but brands and retailers are challenged to activate the right content, influencer community and social platform experiences to move their brand one step closer to revolutionizing retail innovation.

Join us to learn how Deloitte Digital is helping brands be in the forefront of the Retail Revolution by activating the power of Social Commerce.

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This event is co-hosted by Deloitte Digital and BWG Connect.

Discussion Topics

Seismic shifts in retail innovation
Activating the power of Social Commerce
Driving Inspiration and transaction via one platform
How Social Commerce is out-performing traditional marketing tactics - Engagement, customer journey and conversion
Challenges around choosing the right content, influencer and social platforms

Event Partners

Guest Speaker

Ken Nelson

Advertising, Marketing and Commerce Ecosystem Lead at Deloitte Digital

Ken specializes in marketing measurement and attribution, data-driven advertising, and business product development through alliances. In this role, he is responsible for Deloitte Digital’s ecosystem of startups, established technology companies, and large advertising and media companies. Before joining Deloitte, he worked at marketing technology firms where he developed ecosystems of technology and data partnerships, expanded platform and services capabilities, and advised ad agency and advertising executives on effective digital marketing business strategies and solutions.

Jocelyn Lee

Head of AI Advertising Practice at Deloitte Digital

Jocelyn leads Deloitte Digital’s AI Advertising practice, which is centered around helping clients leverage AI and advertising technology in their marketing organizations. She is passionate about exploring how AI and technology can augment and empower creativity in advertising.

Event Moderator

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Event Information

Oct 29, 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 PM

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