Mastering Cyber 5: A Failproof 6-Step Email Marketing Strategy

Sep 6, 2023 12:00 PM1:00 PM EST

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Key Discussion Takeaways:

The Cyber 5 shopping season is a crucial time for brands. Those five days offer a unique opportunity to engage customers and drive revenue like no other time of the year. Is your email marketing plan ready to make the most of this busy period?

According to seasoned email marketers Andriy Boychuk and Lexie Hetu, optimizing your email marketing can significantly impact your Cyber 5 sales. They emphasize the importance of segmenting your email list to send targeted messages, noting that a one-size-fits-all approach can leave a lot of revenue on the table.

In this virtual event, Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson talks with Andriy Boychuk and Lexie Hetu of Flowium about how to nail your Cyber 5 email marketing. They've broken down the process into an actionable 6-step guide to maximize returns during this vital sales period. From crafting engaging content to having unique non-discount offers, they offer insights that cater to both new businesses and established brands, ensuring everyone can confidently navigate the Cyber 5 waters.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why is email marketing important and what makes it have the highest ROI as a marketing channel?
  • What is at the foundation of successful email marketing channels?
  • Why it is crucial to have a defined plan and strategy for effective email marketing
  • The importance of having a calendar to map out email marketing activities
  • How to create compelling and brand-aligned content and visuals
  • What is the role of A/B testing and customer segmentation in effective email campaigns?
  • Strategies to keep sales strong after Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • The benefits and limitations of personalization and segmentation during high-volume periods
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Flowium, a full-service email marketing agency, was founded in 2017 by Andriy Boychuk, and has since become an Elite Master Partner with Klaviyo featuring a global team of talent within the email marketing industry. They are known for their premium services offered to eCommerce brands, their YouTube channel, and their top rated podcast Email Einstein, which features multiple email marketing strategies, trade secrets, & guest speakers.

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Guest Speakers

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson LinkedIn

Senior Digital Strategist at BWG Connect

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

Andriy Boychuk LinkedIn

Founder, CEO at Flowium

Andriy Boychuk is the Founder and CEO of Flowium, an email marketing agency specializing in eCommerce strategy. Before establishing Flowium, Andriy spent nine years in corporate America. His career saw him rise through junior position ranks to become a Senior Project Manager at the Clarient Group, where he specialized in smart building design solutions. Andriy is an active content creator, regularly sharing industry insights and tips through Flowium's YouTube channel.

Lexie Hetu LinkedIn

Partner Relations Specialist at Flowium

Lexie Hetu is the Partner Relations Specialist at Flowium. In her role, she manages communications and relationships with all of Flowium’s partnerships. Lexie also develops effective co-marketing strategies to increase brand awareness for the agency’s clients and partners. Before Flowium, she was the Public Relations Specialist at Myrtle Beach Safari.

Event Moderator

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson LinkedIn

Senior Digital Strategist at BWG Connect

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

Andriy Boychuk LinkedIn

Founder, CEO at Flowium

Andriy Boychuk is the Founder and CEO of Flowium, an email marketing agency specializing in eCommerce strategy. Before establishing Flowium, Andriy spent nine years in corporate America. His career saw him rise through junior position ranks to become a Senior Project Manager at the Clarient Group, where he specialized in smart building design solutions. Andriy is an active content creator, regularly sharing industry insights and tips through Flowium's YouTube channel.

Lexie Hetu LinkedIn

Partner Relations Specialist at Flowium

Lexie Hetu is the Partner Relations Specialist at Flowium. In her role, she manages communications and relationships with all of Flowium’s partnerships. Lexie also develops effective co-marketing strategies to increase brand awareness for the agency’s clients and partners. Before Flowium, she was the Public Relations Specialist at Myrtle Beach Safari.

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Discussion Transcription

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 0:18

Thank you all for joining and happy Wednesday everybody. I am Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson, a digital strategist with BWG Connect, and we are a networking knowledge sharing group. So we stay on top of the latest trends challenges, whatever shaping the digital landscape we want to know and talk about it. We are on track to do at least 500 of these virtual events this year due to the increase in demand better understand the digital space. And we'll be doing at least 100 in person small format dinners. So if you happen to live in a tier one city in the US, you can always feel free to send us an email or check out our website. These dinners are typically 15 to 20 people having a certain discussion around a digital topic and it's always a fantastic time. We spend the majority of our time talking to brands that's how we stay on top of latest trends would love to have a conversation with you, you can drop me a line at we can get some time on the calendar is from these conversations we learn and generate the topics that we know people want to know more about. And it's also where we gain our resident experts such as Flowium, who's with us today. And the way that we asked to teach the collective team has come highly recommended for multiple brands. So if you're ever in need of any recommendations within the digital space, please don't hesitate to reach out, we have a shortlist of the best of the best and I would love to provide that information to you. Also note if you have any hiring needs, we do partner with a talent agency Hawkeye Search formerly BWG Talent that we can put you in contact with as well. A few housekeeping items. First and foremost, we want this to be fun educational conversation. All this is about you asking those questions, so feel free to drop into the Q&A into the chat. If you feel more comfortable, you can email me directly at and we will be sure to get to them. And since we started about three to four minutes after the hour, rest assured we're going to wrap up about five to 10 minutes before the end of the hour to give you ample time to get to your next destination spot. So with that, let's rock and roll and talk about mastering the cyber five. I can't believe we're talking about Cyber 5, but it's happening. A fail proof six step email marketing strategy. Love it. The team at Flowium have been awesome partners in the network. So I'm going to kick it over to our panelists. If you can introduce yourself that would be lovely. And then we can dive into the information. Thank you so much.

Andriy Boychuk 2:24

Hi, my name is Andriy. I'm the Founder and CEO of Flowium email marketing agency.

Lexie Hetu 2:31

Awesome and hi guys, I've been here once or twice before my name is Lexie Heto. If you haven't tuned in yet, I am the partner relations specialists here at Flowium. My role typically consists of acting as a liaison between our clients and our partnerships. So I assess opportunities for our clients to expand their email marketing strategies using innovative technology, build relationships, focus a ton on cross functional collaboration, and help drive growth.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 2:56

Beautiful. Thank you both so much. And thank you for bringing all this information that is tactical that we can take back to our desks and actually do something with before the sacrifice. So let's dig in.

Andriy Boychuk 3:08

So we are where we are in business in 2017. And each year during November, Black Friday, Cyber Monday we were learning, learning something new and collecting different strategies that works and today I collected ideas a strategy that will help you succeed during Black Friday, Cyber Monday. As we know this is stats from Adobe that we had the dip, like every year Black Friday, Cyber Monday was growing in terms of revenue we had in 2021 Different sources predict that this year would be the biggest one. Of course we cannot predict the future but let's hope that all all of us make the most money the most revenue here so and Black Friday Cyber Monday we exist as the biggest where we get the most money and brands generate the most money specifically on Black Friday, which is on Friday, on Friday and on Monday. This is the days where we need to focus the most was our all efforts but particularly email marketing, why why email marketing so important during this week, you get this is the highest return on investment marketing channel because with other channels they are fluctuate. For example, it may matter Facebook, Google, they raise their prices when traffic is become more valuable was email marketing, for example or SMS marketing instead is the thing you don't pay more to send more emails. You have flat cost, the same cost and you just need to come up with more creative so that's why this is a highest return on investment marketing channel. And last year, during this week, we helped our clients to generate 36.8 million attributed to emails. And so let's go step by step. Let's go to examples, tactics, and strategies. But step number one, this is the most, this is the most important thing inboxing is the foundation of successful email marketing channels. And we do strongly recommend for you and we do the same thing for our clients to do it. In September and October, when you have enough time to prepare before the actual busy, busy season one that you get the most subscribers, website visitors, you want all your emails, all your communication that you send to your customers or potential customer, they receive it and read it because if they don't read it, I mean, there will be no sale.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 6:04

So September, October, you have it lined up for Cyber 5, or are you now starting top of the funnel and like starting to generate that kind of to get them ready for Cyber 5.

Andriy Boychuk 6:16

I'm talking like to work on deliverability on technical stuff like to prepare that to improve their deliverability if there are some issues with email going to spam, for example, you need to take them in September in October rather get scrappy in the second week of November when there's no time. And here's the things you can do now today, today, this month next month, which will help you during November. So first get dedicated domain it's free, dedicated sending the domain it's free. The technical person will set it up in the maybe in one hour, maybe in two hours. And it will be active for your brand in the next 24 to 48 hours. So basically in two to three days, it will be done. So here's an example from a few brands who sent emails but they don't use the dedicated sending domain as you can see, why can waffle send this email through Clive your servers through another servers and not using their owns. So we strongly This is number one, wrongly recommend to set up dedicated domain it will improve your deliverability. The next thing this is a new, but as you can see the blue checkmark in this is Ally Bank, TripAdvisor, Rosie's brand. It's harder to get. But today, we still have enough time. So in two months, you will be able to get it you just need to set up the IMEI the mask, those are technical terms, and I don't want to go to details what does it mean and how to set it up. But if you provide this information to your developer or to your tag person, they know how to apply those things on your back end to get this blue checkmark and the blue checkmark will help you was in boxing in Gmail specifically. And based on our experience, majority of subscribers have Gmail. The next thing is the big problem in industry is Gmail clipping emails. So it's based on main reason. But the big the biggest one emails is too heavy. They have too many blocks too many calls too many designs, and the bottom of the email is clipping. So first of all, it will affect your deliverability big time. Second is you don't give people the option to unsubscribe, and you don't have that address. And which means you are not compliant with can spam Act which might be liable, like your company might be liable for this. I have a YouTube video where I describe how to fix it in details is like what like 1010 Minutes video so you can do it yourself or you can send it to your tag team. But make sure each email you send you tag so it's not quite

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 9:20

A YouTube video. It looks like it's like an action paxville like I had already.

Andriy Boychuk 9:26

Yeah, I learned like a very like I learned learning more how to tell stories because I like all marketers and you have to like tell stories and I'm very bad with that. But I'm very good in technical step by step tutorial 123 So I think people will benefit from that. But I'm sorry I'm not very interesting. Another thing as sunset automation I put it the screenshot from the YouTube announcer also a 16 minute video but in this it Step by step guide tutorial which you can do it it even give example of emails QRP. How to set up? What a to z how to do it? What does this automation do this automation clean up your list on regular automatically. Those people who stopped engaging with your email, stop opening your emails, start clicking your emails. It's very important because if you have manual Zalk subscribers, it it hurts your senders reputation, which means it will lead to more emails go to either spam or promo folders and people won't let see them. So there is a link. Yeah, after after this present after the school will share this presentation. So you can click and watch this YouTube video. And there's step by step guide in this video. And Lazarus, this is bonus thing. If you can, please ask your subscribers to reply. Because when somebody replied to you, it creates conversation. And it sounds very good positive signs to inbox provider that, hey, this is a real person, or people want to communicate with this brand. And it improves your deliverability score. So everything that I just show you, you don't have to do everything at once or everything. It's it's very beneficial for you to do everything that I just described. But I don't want to overwhelm you but do low hanging fruit some something like setting up the dedicated domain, setting up sunset blog, make sure your emails not clipped those are like those the most three important asking for replies, optional, Sun creating sunset low, it's highly recommended. But if it might require a lot of your time to do it.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 11:52

Awesome. I have a question about how do you know if it says deliverability problem? Is that assumption? If you're not doing at least some of those you probably have a problem, or are there other indicators?

Andriy Boychuk 12:04

I mean, it's based on your open rate. If you let's say if you were sending standings to specific lists, with 100,000 email subscribers, you're sending them always to the same list and your open rate or was always like 25% and then dropped to 18%. You know, there's something happened. And those are more technical stuff like to go to specific campaign that you send and see the open rate per inbox provider, like, what is the open rate in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others. And what we typically see, let's say, Gmail is 30%, a URL is 30%. But Hotmail is 5%. So now you understand that you have an issue with Hotmail specifically. And you need to work on that specific domain specific inbox provider to fix your senders reputation. And of course, there's a lot of like paid tools like email on acid, which wire you can send it. You can test it and they will let you know what is your deliverability score.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 13:15

Those are great takeaways of questions, comments, put them into the chat the Q&A and we will get them we have some rollin in which is lovely. Can you explain the sense of flow more?

Andriy Boychuk 13:25

Sure, sciences. It's, it's also called as a reengagement bloke, somebody subscribed to your list to your brand, they want to receive your emails. And let's say 60, they passed. And they either opened zero of your emails, or they may be when they sign up, they start like, open open few of your emails and start opening your emails. So there's no value for you keep them on your list. You just sending them emails, but they do not. They do not open them. So there's no value. So what should you you need to do clean up list hygiene. And to do the list hygiene, you can do it manually, of course. Or you can use sunset float, or reengagement float. It's typically automation from three emails, which trigger by segment, Segment of people who stopped engaging, start opening your emails. The first email can be Hey, you stop opening our emails do you want like, are you still there? And you can even offer them some kind of a monetary incentives. The goal here not to make a sale, the goal here for them to reengage and also, as I said before, the good practice to ask them to reply to your email, because if they reply, that email will be moved to their primary Inbox folder and any future emails you send them. They will receive.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 14:55

Excellent, great clarification. Thank you.

Andriy Boychuk 15:00

Okay, so now step number two, we need to think about the promo offer, what kind of sale or promotion will you be running here, just a few. Here's our eight. Typical ones, there are many more, but it would be some variation of those eight. So you can do flat percentage, flat dollar amount, pay a tire, gear, discount, percentage, or dollar amount Bogo, a bundle operator, and so forth. So you need to think about those kinds of offers today, not in November, because based on that, all your email marketing efforts will be I mean, you will need to create all your email marketing efforts around your promo strategy. We do not recommend to make your promo as a free shipping, like Black Friday, or Monday, main promise free shipping or anything lower than 20%. Because those are typical what everybody do throughout the year, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday week, you need to make my something special. And it doesn't have to be 50% or 70%. Or like, like a huge, huge monetary discount, it can be something that preceived having like high value, maybe there's some gift, which that's was your brand, I don't know, if you sell for example, cosmetic, maybe there's branded bag, which you do not sell, or maybe you sell it for $100 or $50. But which cost you which has their high margin profit margin, and may you maybe you can drop that, that back as a free gift during this this holiday. So I purchased a GoPro which cost me like four or $500. And they gave me for free in the back. I mean, it was a good quality bag. But like, based on my experience, I know it should not cost them five minutes or $10 to manufacture. So it's not only about how much how much in dollar amount you give them. But what is the perceived value of your promotion. Now it's the best, best time to test your offers, for example, September in October, do some many flash promotion and see what how your audience responds. Is it percentage? Or is the dollar amount? For example, if your average order value is $100, see split test $10 off versus 10% off? In button them in mass? It's the same talent and knowledge. But how do people How is your audience respond? Or do they respond better for free gift or some kind of Bogo, buy one, get one free or buy? buy two get one free. So it's a good time of the year to tassels. And based on that on your tasks and planning. You should implement? You should focus on one promo during Black Friday, Cyber Cyber Monday.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 18:10

So lesson learned this month and next month and then just take your learnings. When should you formally start deploying that email marketing campaign then in November?

Andriy Boychuk 18:21

I have it later. Yeah. And another thing if you were running Black Friday, Cyber Monday last year or a few years, like every year just like analyze what worked last year. And what kind of promo Did you Did you run? Was it successful or not? Okay, so step number three. So after we work on deliverability after we come up with offer, now we want to build excitement. And this is starts November 1 Why November 1 Because we built the big house live retail holiday is Halloween. And so many brands have promo for Halloween. So we want to start promoting Black Friday Cyber Monday week, starting November 1 By promoting I mean you have to replace all your popups with Black Friday, Cyber Monday pop ups and the goal here not to do any promotion. Your goal is to promote your biggest sale ever and hear you your promotion is upgraded offer early access access, meaning if they opt in they will be the first to know about Black Friday Cyber Monday sale and ways to promote this. It can be added in 10 form. So first of all, if you're running if you have any popups forms or any forms on your website right now was the 10% of free shipping or Something else strong, I strongly recommend to turn them off and replace it with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, opt in form for early access. And to promote that offer is you can do accident and forms embedded forms on your website banners in your email automations a specific campaign promo to send it to your entire list and say, Hey, this year will be the biggest sale or the biggest promo we have obtained for the earlier access website banners and of course, social media and paid if you. So another important thing, when you have those opt in forms, optimize it one for mobile another for the stop, do not use one for for both devices, is extremely important.Because that conversion rate from web visitor to email subscribers, subscribers will be much smaller. So here's an example we did one audit. And here's an example. As you can see, the conversion rate on mobile is half of desktop. Why is that because it was a horizontal opt in form, which looked much different on mobile. And when it's horizontal on mobile, all tasks, everything like looks smaller, and people are less likely to opt in. So it's extremely important for you for your forms to be optimized to have two sets of forms, one for mobile and one for desktop. Do not make them in one.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 21:36

Good takeaway questions, comments, put them into the chat and we will get to them. We got a question here. Did you want to take it? It's a great question. "Should you be concerned about running the same Black Friday offer that you ran last year? How early? Should you launch Black Friday? It seems many retailers are starting to talk about it at the beginning of November."

Andriy Boychuk 22:02

We can I mean there's a lot of debates in the industry how early you should start but if you start my personal opinion, to start sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale is good days for VIPs. Before actual Black Friday, and for the rest of the people on Black Friday, Cyber Monday. I'm just I'm not sure how can you stack your offers? farthing, let's say first week of November unless you have a lot of skews some of our clients who has a lot of skews in their store what what they did they start like one week before Black Friday Cyber Monday and each day. They had like a secret secret sale that that day a specific day they were opening sale only on specific product and have random discount code when it's run out the next day another offer another sale. So but but this is very like this is an exception like for majority of brands. I would strongly recommend to do it on the week of Black Friday.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 23:16

And what about if you use the last promos that you had last year? Is that okay?

Andriy Boychuk 23:22

I don't see any issue. I don't see any issue because it might be even a scarcity for some people. They did not use it last year. They can use it this year or vice versa. Depends also depends what the what the brands sell if you sell mattresses. I'm not sure somebody wants to buy another mattress this year. Unless the mattress friend knows room. 

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 23:46

Awesome. Thank you.

Andriy Boychuk 23:47

Okay, so this is step number four it, it will require more work. So I do apologize. But but it's extremely important. So you need to create Black Friday Cyber Monday set off automations is they wouldn't be very similar to what you already have. But was it slight a slight tweak. So of course, so before Black Friday, Cyber Monday we're talking November 1 and November 21 fi BFCM Welcome automation so you need to remove if you have any. If you have any discount in your welcome automation, you need to remove the goal here to nurture your nurture your subscriber and tell them about your brand without any discounts. And in those automation you need to prepare them for the biggest sale of the year. Also the abandoned cart replace if you have any discounts right now replace them, replace them with scarcity thing, hey, we we typically stalled selling out all our products during the month because because This is the biggest deal this deal of the year. So no discount in an abandoned cart. And same thing browser abandonment, no discount that the goal was any communication you have from November 1 to November 21 is to nurture and prepare them for the biggest sale ever. And during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, we strongly recommend to decrease delays between emails. So typically you will, let's say about two abandoned cart, for example, you have one one day delay between emails, so they received the first email, the second reminder will be one day later, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, since we only have a few days, we do strongly recommend to decrease those delays from a few days from one days to between two to 12 hours, depends how aggressive you want to go. But we you have limited time. So your your automations need to be your automation needs to work harder to get that conversion. Okay, so step number five, prepare segmentations. Again, we have time now to two months. So prepare, it will should not take you a lot of times to prepare the following, I believe six or five segmentations. So first VAP is somebody who spend three acts of your average order value or whatever definition you have for your VIPs and also people who opt in for early access. So this is the API, then you we strongly suggest to create like three segments of engaged user somebody who are engaged with your emails in the last 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, and also unengaged segment, the question was about stands for set lock this, this kind of segment will be triggering the thumbs at work. So the segment is somebody who did not engage with your brand in 120 days, by the way, those are generic numbers. Some brands might have the lower the number of days and somebody somebody might have higher number of days of engagement. So it's depends on on the brand. But this is a generic rule of thumb, which works for majority of the brands and two more segments to create people who purchased last year, your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and people who purchase this year your your Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Why do we want to create people who purchase this year? You don't want to send reminders to people who already purchased. Okay, so Tiffany, you asked, you asked me about the schedule of household. So now I'll be covering the calendar. I'll be covering what to send on Wednesday. Yeah, so starting November 1, and ending the last. The last week before the Black Friday, Cyber Monday we we strongly recommend to send a minimum one campaign per week. And that campaign should be educational about your brand or maybe some content you can provide them. No promotion. It's up to you. But we strongly recommend no promotion because it will devalue the later promotion during Black Friday, Cyber Monday. So the goal here is to nurture tell the story maybe send a Sunday email from the founder may be tasked with tags based tags based email from the founder write that email and send it out to the your customers may be you have some compelling testimonial or story how people use your product. This is the time to to to prepare your customers and potential customers to to the sale. Then, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday week, this is what we recommend a start start your sales for the gap between one to three days before actual Black Friday Cyber Monday. So here we have from Tuesday to Thursday we have the AP sale. It wouldn't be the same sale as the on Black Friday but the AP have an early access. And if you have limited stock limited products, they they have the ability to buy some of those products before anybody else will buy them. And on Thursday we will recommend to start your two T's your Black Friday A Black Friday, Cyber Monday and start the sale. And now I'll go day by day, so it's easier. So Tuesday this is for VIP on Tuesday. Just tease that VIP sales is coming. And what's so special was a month tip that they have early access, what I just explained, will send that those campaigns only to VIP segment. On Wednesday, November 22, we announced a big sale and tell them they hate you have two days or three days depends when you want to start before general sales will start. And on Thursday, just happy Thanksgiving. And remind them today is the last day before we open the sales, open the store and the promo to the whole list. And you can tell them if you have specific number. We we work with one brand who was carrying only limited drops of T shirts, they have only 250 units per shirt. But on their list they have a quarter of a million subscribers so it's as you can imagine those shorts were selling in a matter of minutes sometimes second. And we use that scarcity to inform the people say hey, we have so many and this is how many people we will send email to so be there to buy it as soon as possible.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 31:33

Shopping days right there, like you know buy before they sell out.

Andriy Boychuk 31:39

Yeah, but I don't recommend to fake it like do not use the fake. High is that it? Yeah, but but people do is this a lot you know, and that's why even on this slide, as you can see started extended extended sale. It's people create a lot of memes after the Black Friday Cyber Monday that I wake up on the Wednesday after Monday, and all sales are extended until Wednesday. So when it's if you said is gone is gone. So don't Don't Don't. Don't extend it. Okay, so on Thursday we opening we think Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody but also teasing that hey, tomorrow morning at specific hours we'll start our Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, the biggest sale of the of the year. So on Friday, we started the sale and we'd recommend three emails one in the morning, one around noon, and the last one at night. That letting them know that we are closing the sale. But here's here's It depends. Do you want to run the sales for three days Black Friday until Sunday, or do you want to do it only one day. Again, it all depends on the brand we like typically like to run from Friday until Sunday night. So in that case, we do two emails to open on Friday. Then reminder on Saturday and on Sunday we do two emails as well in the morning and evening to close the sale. And on Cyber Monday do not use different kinds of promo do not use let's say if you use 30% 20% off on Black Friday, Cyber Monday do not use 25% on Cyber Monday, you need to next do something different maybe when you buy something, we'll give you a gift. Or if you run 30% on Black Friday around BOGO on Monday, the offering needs to be different do not use the same type of offer because it might upset your customer. They spend money on Friday, and now you do something similar on Monday, which defeats the purpose. So on Monday, we like to open open the sale in the morning and close it at night. Depends what hour you want to send but it can be 8pm 10pm and say hey, we are closing at midnight. This is the last chance to get the discount and choose the if you want to do this. Tell them that this is Cyber Monday sale extended. It's up to you. I personally don't like it. But this is my just personal preference. A lot of brands do and a lot of brands see positive results.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 34:42

Interesting, great information.

Andriy Boychuk 34:45

Yes, So I do have have two more slides and I'll start to opening questions. So we are during this period of the year we sharing a lot of strategies, tactics as inspiration examples, what we like and what we don't like what's successful, not successful everything for free on our YouTube channel. So I strongly recommend to like for your team to go and check out and just stay tuned, because we prepared a lot of videos for this September and October. And another offer cool offer that we have we do the audit, or email marketing audits. If you want, I'm not sure how to call us or go to our website or conduct through Stephanie. And we are evaluating the what you do with email marketing and let you know how to improve it, where you have a high score where you have low score, how to improve it, what you should do and so forth.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 35:48

Fantastic questions come in so put them into the chat the Q&A and we will get some as we able to have this Q&A segment. A couple more questions here. So if you're not a discount brand, does it make sense to take part in Cyber 5.

Andriy Boychuk 36:08

100%? Yes. But I would recommend to come up with some kind of offer which have a perceived value. It doesn't have to be discount, you don't have to do 10% Or like you don't have to do 20% 50% But what is so special about your brand like something that you maybe you don't do. Just an idea like call was a founder. I know it's it might be crazy if you have like 10,000 orders and you need to do 10,000 calls. But something or something or recording was a unique recording of the data or the founder or maybe wallpaper for your desktop or we used to work with Roseville brand and they were selling design their skirts like movie short movie and cartoon shorts. And what they were doing they with every purchase they were giving the free world free wrapping paper and it's and they also know this whole brand they do not do any discounts. But people start very cool effects like people start to collect those wrapping paper from year to year. So now every year they released a new wrapping paper which is not for sale. All the available when you buy something and they'll give it for free and was a purchase.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 37:38

That's a great example. I can imagine we have Santa bears back in the day. A couple more here we get coming in. So how do you keep it rolling after Black Friday Cyber 5 like how do you keep that selling in the momentum going strong through December?

Andriy Boychuk 37:57

Unfortunately you will not keep it as strong as Black Friday Cyber Monday is like you will have a dip and unfortunately this is the nature but there's other holidays that which are very important I believe on Tuesday after Black Friday is our first week or second week it's a given Tuesday so I would strongly recommend to make something about social social costs or like a lot of customers do it and but be genuine to bother organization you will work with to do this. But also there's other religious holiday cultural holiday. There's a lot of campaigns you can set up unfortunately I cannot show the calendar I don't know like where to place them but it's like less day to shop or we strongly recommend if you have him have gift cards. Gift cards are best one to sell in December because those people who procrastinate to the last minute if you send them the last day before the Chrisman that email we see a spike in purchase of a gift cards.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 39:06

Awesome. How does segmentation and personalization play a role in this? That goes back to yeah your slides of the different segments.

Andriy Boychuk 39:18

Since there's a high volume, extremely high volume of emails campaigns you need to create I would not be so focused on personalization. Of course you like some buyers non buyers engaged VAP is those are like main segments and yes personalized for them. For the AP talk one way for somebody who never purchase talk to them different way but do not do not talk with them. They are living in let's say in New York and they are male or female or they have kids. Will you see positive return if you personalize like do extreme personal As a nation, yes, you will. But I'm afraid that brands do not have the capacity to do that kind of personalization in during this period.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 40:10

They focus on the low hanging fruit.

Andriy Boychuk 40:12

because you will see lift, but not not dramatic lift in sales.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 40:19

Awesome. We have a brand here, that's a large ticket item, and they start their Black Friday sale in mid October. Any recommendation on how to implement emails without lengthy promo?

Andriy Boychuk 40:31

Oh, I'm just curious, why in October? I mean, you can announce you can announce and prepare the people for the how much it will, what's the discount will be. But I will not recommend to open that actual sale until maybe that week. Right now I'm shopping myself, like our company shopping for like a mastermind. And the costs of the master mastermind is $10,000. And they do something similar. They told me the price already. And they told me that they will have a sale for a specific week. So I'm like, I'm not buying it until that week, because they already told me but they're like, you know, like, preparing me for that event. So I have enough time to talk with that executive on our team. I have time to make my decision. They are sending me content, preparing me to for that promo. So I would do something similar here. Look for big ticket items.

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson 41:43

Awesome. But Andriy, Lexie, as always, you always bring such awesome content. And it's that stuff that you can take back to your desk and do something to make an impact those low hanging fruits for the next 60, 90 days can definitely make a positive impact for a lot of brands out there. So thank you so much for your time. You're awesome partners. We definitely appreciate your friendship and the information which you said we will pass out so we will give that presentation to whoever wants it. We'll be sending that out via BWG. Thank you all for participating today. We'd love to see you at another event and I hope you have a lovely week. It's Wednesday, but it feels like it's Friday because it's labor day. Take care y'all.

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