How To Boost Business Cashflow from FBA Reconciliation

Aug 2, 2023 1:30 PM2:30 PM EST

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Key Discussion Takeaways:

If mistakes happen when fulfilling customer orders or managing your inventory, you’re entitled to Amazon FBA reimbursements. However, Amazon doesn’t automatically reimburse sellers for mistakes and overcharged costs. So how can you, as the seller, track errors and submit the appropriate claims within deadline guidelines?

Yoni Mazor, Amazon FBA consultant, explains that sellers must understand the rules before recovering funds. For inbound shipment reconciliations in the US, sellers must file a claim within nine months of discovering an error. Other issues merchants experience are lost and damaged units due to movement from warehouse to warehouse or within fulfillment centers. In these cases, sellers can file for reimbursement for up to 18 months. Additionally, if Amazon incorrectly charges for dimensional weighted units, vendors only have 90 days to request a refund. 

In this virtual event, Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson welcomes Yoni Mazor, Chief Growth Officer of GETIDA, who offers strategies for growing your Amazon business through FBA Fulfillment. Yoni shares crucial Amazon marketplace updates, an overview of FBA reconciliation audits and potential cash recovery, and how to reconcile FBA inbound shipments. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Yoni Mazor explains GETIDA’s acronym and mission
  • Essential Amazon marketplace updates
  • Overview of FBA reconciliation audits and the potential cash recovery
  • How to reconcile FBA inbound shipments
  • Reconciling canceled FBA inbound shipments
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GETIDA is a refund-recovery and inventory management system intended for third-party Amazon sellers using Amazon Fulfillment Services.

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Guest Speaker

Yoni Mazor

Yoni Mazor LinkedIn

Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder at GETIDA

Yoni Mazor is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at GETIDA, a fast-growing company providing state-of-the-art reimbursement recovery solutions for Amazon sellers. After operating a $20 million Amazon FBA business, he founded GETIDA. Yoni is also an investor and an advisory board member of Newphotonics and The Ecom Cooperative. 

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson LinkedIn

Senior Digital Strategist at BWG Connect

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

Event Moderator

Yoni Mazor

Yoni Mazor LinkedIn

Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder at GETIDA

Yoni Mazor is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at GETIDA, a fast-growing company providing state-of-the-art reimbursement recovery solutions for Amazon sellers. After operating a $20 million Amazon FBA business, he founded GETIDA. Yoni is also an investor and an advisory board member of Newphotonics and The Ecom Cooperative. 

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson LinkedIn

Senior Digital Strategist at BWG Connect

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

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Discussion Transcription

Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  0:18  

Happy Wednesday everyone. I am Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson, a digital strategist with BWG Connect, and we are a network of knowledge-sharing groups. We stay on top of the latest trends and challenges whatever is shaping the digital landscape, we want to know and talk about it. We're on track to do at least 500 of these webinars this year due to the increase in demand to better understand the digital space. And we'll also be doing at least 100 in-person small-format dinners. So if you happen to live in a tier-one city in the US, feel free to send us an email, we'd love to send you an invite. The dinners are typically 15 to 20 people having a certain discussion around a digital topic and it's always a fantastic time. We spend the majority of our time talking to brands is how we stay on top of the latest trends and challenges in the market, we'd love to have a conversation with you. You can feel free to drop me a line at Tiffany And we can get some time on the calendar. It's also where we gain our resident experts such as good Tita who's with us today. So anybody that we asked to teach the collective community has come highly recommended from multiple brands within our network. So if you ever need any work or recommendations within the digital space, please don't hesitate to reach out we have a shortlist of the best of the best and would love to provide that information to you. Also, if you have any hiring needs, we do partner with a talent agency, formerly BWG Talent, now called Hawkeye Search that we can put you in contact with as well. A few housekeeping items. First and foremost, we want this to be fun, educational, and conversational. So drop as many questions and comments you have into the chat, the Q&A bar or you can email me at And we will get to them. We started about five, six minutes after the hour, we're probably going to wrap up at least 10 minutes I'd say before the end of the hour to give you ample time to get to your next destination. So with that, let's rock and roll and learn how to boost business cash flow from FBA reconciliation The team I continue to have an awesome friends of the network for years though, so I'm going to kick it over to you Yoni, if you can give a brief introduction on yourself and we can dive into the presentation. That would be lovely.


Yoni Mazor  2:14  

Thank you got it. Yeah, thanks so much again, Tiffany, for having me and the BWG Connect family. A little bit about myself married plus four, based in New Jersey, as we discussed. I am one of the Co-founders and Chief Growth Officer of GETIDA. And we touch more a GETIDA and the evolution inside the slideshow. And yeah, Today's mission is really to make sure that you guys identify clear opportunities to take actions on your Amazon business, specifically, the FBA Fulfilled by Amazon business, and drive more value and increase your cash flow. So hopefully after the session, you'll be able to take actions and money will simply come now because imagine because, yeah, just because you were you know your stuff. And you did the work. So this should be exciting. So yeah, so let's just, I guess, share the screen and get going. 


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  3:01  

Yeah, awesome. Sounds good. And this is recorded, just for those notes that we can send out once we get it edited a copy. We'll be following up with everybody posted back. 


Yoni Mazor  3:12  

Great. Okay, so Alright, so how to boost business cash flow from eBay reconciliation, okay, so a little bit more about GETIDA. So what's GETIDA is it getida, is it getida. How do you say, it doesn't really matter. It's just an acronym. It stands for a good idea, which is get intelligent data analytics, essentially what technology company and our mission is very simple is to make sure that you Amazon FBA sellers get the maximum FBA reimbursements that you are eligible to receive. And we'd like to see ourselves as the global leader in Amazon FBA, auditing and reimbursements for the simple fact that we operate on a global level. So whether you sell on Amazon, US, Canada, Mexico, eu UK, we got you covered. We are in a world women award-winning organization, we won the American Business Awards for our dashboard technology, we also won the Inc 5000 Award, we ranked 250 among the fastest growing company in the country. And also we have a dedicated team of claim specialists. So a big part of our team are actually former Amazon employees. We used to work in the FBA reimbursement department. So because of that we have a pretty deep know-how on how to, you know, find issues, manage issues and manage all the back and forth with Amazon's teams, we track and monitor our recovery rate, it's over 80%. So for every 10 cases that we open, typically more than eight cases will get reimbursed. We take a lot of pride in hosting many events in digital or physical as well. So if you wonder what's the next event, you could just visit forward slash event. And these events are typically geared for Amazon sellers. So it's always nice to find more, you know, industry peers with three of these environments. And we also like to make our solutions affordable for all sellers at any stage and at any size, because it's really drunk and theta. And it's free to stay with you to where performance based only if we recover refunds and reimbursement for you only then we charge a fee if we recover zero, we pay zero. So it's very, very convenient. Plus, we also partnered with Amazon, we're available in the Amazon App Store. And with there's actually kind of a quick plot was because last week, we actually have a huge privilege to be included in Amazon. Amazon's new program, it's called Amazon emerald program. It's a new program where there's, Amazon has an app store. And so essentially have an app store has about 3000 apps and software providers, they're out of the 3000 are only 10 apps got the Emerald badge. It's a new graduate program where essentially what it means is that gets you to now lives inside Seller Central. So when you log into your Amazon Seller Central account, you're gonna get notifications from us inside Amazon's platform. Very cool. Congrats. Thanks. Yeah, so it's pretty exciting for us to basically be a part of this ecosystem that services 9 million sellers worldwide and creates basically the backbone of Amazon because 60 70% of the offers of the products being offered on Amazon, because of you guys, third party, Amazon sellers. And so on FBA. So now we're gonna embed into Amazon's ecosystem. And basically, we're gonna send you alerts. So if there's a shipment that needs attention, and it's high value, we're going to alert you through Seller Central, so you can take actions, or if there's a, you know, issues with your connectivity, stuff like that, we'll we'll help you with that. And show it here that these three circles will kind of tell you about it, you know, get notified of high value claims, stay ahead of critical app issues directly within such essentials, and receive notifications for lost API connection or lost user permissions. So that's really got announced last week, exactly a week ago, on Wednesday in Seattle, they had a special software Amazon API software conference. And this program got released over there. And the analysis is one of the one of the software providers that got rolled into this program. So now we have this green branch called green badge called Emerald app. And once you go in, you'll see Tierra. And these are just a few samples of the type of notification you might get. So that's exciting. And that's good. That's about it, too. You know, a little bit about me and myself. I know Tito, I'm one of the co-founders and Nikita was really born from our experiences as Amazon sellers. We don't sell on Amazon anymore. But over 10 years ago, we started selling products online. You know, we had a website we sold on eBay, eBay was like a main environment and then in 2013, we started selling on Amazon. And then the business grew very, very quickly from zero to 20 million, then 200 million. And what happened was, when we did so much volume, we constantly had to reconcile all the FBA transactions in all four units, I got lost and destroyed them. We're going to talk more about that very soon. But we have so much data to process to reconcile, we were not able to use spreadsheets anymore, they were breaking. Right, so we were too much data to process. So that kind of pushed us to do two things. The first thing was to create technology and software to audit and reconcile all these transactions at scale. The second thing was to set up a dedicated team to constantly handle these claims, and open it with Amazon, manage all the back and forward the paperwork if needed, and resolve the issue. So effectively, we created the solution for ourselves. And then we told our friends from the industry, we have this capability. So they told us to help us we'll pay you. And that was the early Genesis and creation of material back in 2015. And then over the years, it grew so much. So we just cashed out of retail, and invested all of our profits, motivation, energy, and dedication into one place and to get zero. And from that point on, we became the largest organization in the world focus on Amazon and auditing and reimbursements. As I showed you earlier, we're not worrying inside of amazon seller central platform embedded in and we audit 10s of billions of dollars of transactions every single day. So things became really robust. We have a team of over 220 people who actually went out in 10 countries, and also were backed up by private equity, all that aside. And so they really started from our spreadsheet. And the fact was that from the first shipment, whoever sent Amazon, remember it was $10,000 . It was a lot of money for us back then, we kind of questioned Amazon and said, Hey, you guys are new coming? Well, you know, it's not like Amazon today. It was like, Who are you guys? Like, what's your policy, if anything happens with my inventory. And we called it and they explained all go to this page and that page, this is our policies are writing. And once we sent the inventory, and lo and behold, there was issues, we applied the policy, they gave us reimbursement, we said oh, this is a reliable company we could do a lot of business with, then we just kept sending more and more inventory. We scaled it up. And that's kind of the insured my story within the Amazon world, you know, on the retail side, but now on the solution providing side. And then you know, the question begs, are you eligible for reimbursement? And the short answer is yes. And why? Because we discovered that on average between one to 3% from your annual revenue on Amazon and MBA is impacted by an MBA discrepancy, which warrants a reimbursement. So for example, if you do about a million dollars a year, one to 3% can equate to 10 to $30,000. Annually that you're gonna have to reconcile, catch and handle to get the recovery. Okay, I'm going to teach you all about it. You know how to do it in this session in this workshop. So, you know, it's obvious for us when we're doing 100 million a year one to 3% was one to $3 million a year with that we can't see the results. So that was material for us to create a full time solution to any other question.


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  9:52  

As I say maybe after this, we do the poll to see where people are at


Yoni Mazor  9:55  

those who ran out. Yeah, we do. Yeah, feel free to run it. 


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  10:00  

So we're gonna do a poll just to see where people are at with their Amazon model. If you're one P, meaning you're selling wholesale, three P You're selling retail hybrid, you're doing both. So I'm launching it now we'll give it a few 30 seconds or so.


Yoni Mazor  10:12  

Nice. And then yeah, so now that we can have no high level statistics that it's one to 3% from, you know, this discrepancy rate is between one to 3%. From Revenue, everybody here that joined us? Do you all know your FBA revenue, if so, if you sell on Amazon FBA, and you know your revenue, this can give you a rule of thumb on what is the potential recovery or outcome for you, that will, hopefully, you'll be able to reconcile that and get reimbursed for that, and increase your cash flow. And also, when you get all this cash, you never imagined, that's yours. And once you do that, effectively, you can take that cash and keep growing your business, you can have more money and budget to expand on advertising or source and launch and other products and things of that nature. How's it Poll, we still have a poll running or we got the results,


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  10:57  

Please just close it and I will share it here. So we are at 64%, our three P 9%. One P and 27% hybrid.


Yoni Mazor  11:09  

Alright, so we got a good crowd. So this seems like the overwhelming majority here are FBA sellers. And they do three p. So, so good, this should be a very, very impactful YouTube for you guys. So let's keep pushing forward. So before we get into the meat and potatoes of you know, the whole overview of the reimbursements, and I'm gonna teach you how to do a good few of them quick announcements on the marketplace, I think they're worth your attention. If you, I know you guys are all selling right now. But if you plan to launch another brand, for example, or maybe expand from the US into Europe, for example, or vice versa, make sure to sign up for the new seller incentive program. And make sure you have an Amazon brand registry because if you do for the first million dollars of revenue that you're going to generate, with this new account, you're gonna get a 5% Bonus, which can be $50,000 in savings, boom, just like that. 


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  11:54  

Okay, if you recommend another seller, that's new to Amazon. 5%?


Yoni Mazor  12:00  

No, no. So if you will, I'd say right now you're selling an Amazon US. But you want to expand to Amazon, UK, English is the bridge, you know, dance and English. So you open your account in the UK, a brand new account on amazon seller central account, and you have your own brand, and you register a brand registry. And make sure you do that. Because once you do, Amazon will give you a 5% bonus on your first million. So because I'm gonna typically charge 15% in fees, so for your first million, you generate a million in revenue on Amazon, they're gonna charge you $150,000 in fees, but the saying here with 5% will come back to you. So cash back, basically. So you're gonna get 50 up to a capsule, a million dollars. So it's only limited to the first 50,000 Boom, why not? Let's do it great to know, yeah, if you plan to expand this way, make sure you do it right and register the Amazon brand registry and get that 5%. Now, if you also want to do that, and open a new account, reach out to me after this because I can also we're part of the Amazon agency program, where we and this program basically you're gonna get an Amazon dedicated representative, which we can help you a lot with, you know, sales and revenue and special offering special deals and stuff like that, they typically cost 2500 per month, which is 30,000 per year. With us, if we put you in our program the Amazon agency program will get you'll get the first year for free. So sir, another $30,000 in savings. So if any of you once again wants to open a brand new account on Amazon. And by the way, you expect it to generate 250,000 Plus in the first year, reach out to me, I'll connect you and boom, more impact you save money but also in this representative will help you generate more sales because they're going to get you to give you access to special marketing deals that Amazon has, internally with their Amazon representative programs.


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  13:36  

I mean, access to an account representative is mission critical to get any traction going. I experienced that firsthand. So that's very cool to know.


Yoni Mazor  13:46  

There you go. So and then here's another layer that we can stack it up and save even more, right they did have to say more and boost your profits. So once you do you have your own brand and you just registered to the brand referral bonus program you sign up for that was gonna happen Amazon is gonna give a special dedicated link and that link any traffic, you know, that link basically drove traffic to Amazon. So it's, so if I click that link, it's gonna drive me to your Amazon storefront, and I'm gonna buy your products. So any traffic you drive from outside Amazon into Amazon, the brasure products, you're gonna get 10% Bonus, no cap. So for example, if you're working with influencers, YouTubers, Tiktok are saying hey, look at this great product, and click here and buy it. Okay, that traffic that's gonna come in you buy it, you're gonna get templates. 10% back, no cap. So if you drive a million dollars in from that shot figure you can hit 10% 100 grand if it's $10 million, a million dollars. If you do 100 million a year with that traffic, you're gonna get $10 million back from Amazon, no cap. Pretty insane, super powerful. I recommend applying it so just keep that in mind. If you're wondering how to drive traffic, you never really drove traffic from outside Amazon into Amazon. Here's a quick tool just visit For slash weitere just scan this and you get the free ebook about how to drive traffic from YouTube into Amazon. Okay, YouTube chat. I forgot to set up the videos and optimize them. So you know, the content that you basically put up there is enticing and whoever is viewing to log into Amazon, okay, you know, click the link basically and, and buy your products on on the platform and get that 10% back. So hopefully you can stack it up. Alright, so now that's it, there's no more announcements. Now we've got, you know, coming into the meat and potatoes. And this is kind of a quick overview of what we kind of pretty much going to go over today. And so these are the types of issues that can happen with Amazon FBA inventory and time limits that Amazon provides, or limitations that you can look back and recover them. So the first type is FBA measurements. This is when you ship your products into FBA, let's say Tiffany, she sent in 1000 units and Amazon instead of receiving 1000 units, they only received 190. That's an FBA, inbound shipment reconciliation. So in the United States, you only have nine months to reconcile that. After nine months, any missing inventory that you haven't reconciled, will not be eligible for reimbursement. So make sure you do it on time. Now this is in the US, if you sell in UK or EU European Union, you only have six months of less time. So you got to know the rules of the game. Now here's the bucket of 18 months where you can go back up to 18 months, which is very generous to get a recovery and refunds and reimbursement from all these issues. And then the types of issues or any loss or damage units. So once your inventory is inside, Amazon's fulfillment centers inside also new units can get lost or damaged. Also, between the warehouses, sometimes Amazon will shift your products from Kentucky to California to Nevada, same things happen from the fulfillment center. So the consumer went back to Amazon with the refunds and said things happened. And also when you remove and you're more when you move your inventory from Amazon. So you have 18 months to look back and all these types of issues. And then the bottom one here, you have went in dimension fees where Amazon is overcharging you with fees once it's fulfilling your orders. So Amazon is picking up from the bin, they're packaging in a box and shipping it out. That's how they're fulfilling your orders and your units. They charge you a fee based on the winner dimension. So have the incorrect information about your winning dimensions and they think your item is larger and heavier than it actually is they're gonna charge you more in fees mistakenly. So you have to in order for that, find that in and fix it and also get the refund. Yep. And you're limited to only 90 days, which three months. Okay, so this is a quick overview of the name of the game. And now we're going to start with the first type of issue. I'm going to teach you how to actually audit and do that. So buckle up, let's go. This is how you reconcile all your Amazon FBA inbound shipments, you can just visit so essential, you know go to inventory, you scroll down to manage FBA shipments. And scroll down down your shipments until this is something like this boom needs attention what happened, you shipped for example, here 216 units. So that's units expected 216 Units received by Amazon is zero, the status is closed, it's not in transit, it's not being prepared, it's closed. That means that Amazon basically pulls the shipment. So this needs attention, you're going to log into here, so you're going to click this blue area. And then once you inside the shipment, you want to focus on the right area where you started it shows you your discrepancies minus 216. And Kirsten, yeah, we're going to send a copy of the presentation to Tiffany and she'll share with you a pleasure. Alright, so here you have a status you have a you know, drop down menu and the drop down menu want to choose a research missing units. And once you do that, it's going to prompt you to provide them with documentation. So it can be a pod or PLP. So I'm going to go over what's the meaning of each type of documents. So even though this is all from Amazon, we copy you know, copy numbers as a language here. So even though it's an English, it's Amazon English, it's like, you know, Amazon lingo. It's, it's kind of clunky. So I'm going to simplify it. pod is a type of document called proof of delivery. proof of delivery is pretty straightforward. Amazon wants a stamped bol bill of lading with a stamp on it when Amazon says yep, we received it in the warehouse because, you know, for Amazon to investigate the missing units. You know, they shipped into the warehouse telling you give me a proof of delivery that guy delivered and that's how you do it. And then by the way, if you want to you know deep dive into the polls and everything, you can just scan this code and you'll take it to Seller Central and set Amazon so you can learn more about it. So first type of document is purely a proof of delivery read. Second type of document is POP, it's proof of purchase for Amazon selling you give me a document that proves to me that you really are the owner of this product is so busy, it's kind of proof of ownership. You have two types. One type is an invoice well one option, but there's another option if you are a private label seller and you have your own brand. You don't have to give an invoice. You don't have to have you do not have to disclose your supplier instead. You will you can do it just give an Amazon a packing slip up I guess they're basically it's a declaration of ownership says this is me. This is what I ship and you sign off on it. Okay, it's a simple document. So this that's the kind of difference between a POD, proof of delivery and POP people who purchase and yeah and now so once again once you have this document you're able to submit it and open the case Amazon wall if they don't find the Mr. Units they're gonna give you a reimbursement for the Michigan units and boom, issue resolved monies back in your pocket. Go get them Here's a another type of this like a bonus. Actually, I know I usually don't show this around. But I figured, you know, you guys are pretty sophisticated. I'm gonna give you a bonus. So this is another type of discrepancy that you can go back. And actually, there's no limit if you go back five years, 10 years on how long you've been selling on Amazon FBA, but it's pretty cool. So there's what we call a castle, they'd be assuming claims. So sometimes you, you want to ship your products into Amazon, and you buy the shipping inside Amazon. And let's say you pay $3,000, you know, you have a few pallets, you want to ship and you pay $3,000. And you put the labels and then realize, oh, there's a mistake, you know, I need to cancel the shipment, and buy the $3,000 again, and put Newburgh new labels, sometimes this thing that can happen. The problem is when you cancel the shipment, which is this one here in South Amazon, it doesn't mean that you're gonna get your money back, you pay $3,000, you cancelled it, you don't get the money, then you buy it, you pay 3000 to get to New to get new tracking. So unless you do something, which I won't get to show you how to do it, you're you're not going to get your money back. So what you need to do to get your money back, you have to go to help. So basically, you open a case that asks for a refund. So you click Help. You click on get support. And this is what you need to write to them you can use this language is this template I'm ready to allow this case is regarding FBA shipment ID. This is the number of them, you know you give them the shipment ID info, that's fine, then please be advised that we have Castle this ambition and need your assistance and refunding our Amazon account with the total amount paid for the transportation. Here's a checking ID and commonly process a total refund of whatever the amount was for 3000 Euro 3000. Here, thank you for attention. This is the way you get the refund and the reimbursement or the refund for something that you never never use, which is you know, the shipment. So you can go back there is no limit on dilemma. Yeah, because essentially what happened was, let's say you bought you pay $3,000 into up shipment. Amazon deducted from your account. If you never shipped an Uber was they're never never going to pay ups because they haven't utilized because you canceled it. But then you need to do this to parameter to give to give that 3000 Back to your account. That's just technical. It's just the technical twilight zone that we discovered. And this is impact.


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  22:04  

That's substantial. So you could do have a team do an audit, go back for as many years as you need to. And just see that we have where we added


Yoni Mazor  22:11  

from the dead. Yes, money from the dead 1000 here. There are 500 They're


human nature be Oh, I canceled it. Everything's


as it's against intuition. So the intuitive exam, let me cancel it. So if I cancel it, it doesn't affect you what happens when the more you buy it, they take it if you cancel, they don't give it unless you open a case. That's just the work for him. That's all it is. And nobody tells you ever. And I'm telling you this and I believe education is power. Great. Yeah. Good. Yeah. So that's another? Yeah. Okay, so now I want to quickly take you to our environment to the GETIDA environment. Because this connects to actually the pod and POP, I know that I showed you how to do this on Amazon, which can take a while because you have to kind of turn every rock and find every shipment I'm going to show you here on our platform, which is free of charge to get into how you can do much quicker check it out. So we log in to GETIDA just like that. It's going to show you the dashboard and a quick overview. First things are gonna show by the way is how much is there a potential discrepancy or potential recovery in this case about 3.7 million for this client here. I also will show you like historical stuff we did. You know, you can see that. Here with this account, we open 2133 cases, successor was 85%. We're going back $136,000 Back and all the case studies open so you get nice transparency. But I want to turn attention is when you click here on inbound shipment. When you click here, you're going to see all the shipments right away. Remember, the shipping is a toll you need to go in and scroll down to this that it's all going to be here nice and dandy. You can see the shipment ID and the potential value. So you can work from top to bottom from the highest value claims all the way down to the lower value, you want to prioritize your time top to bottom. And then also is going to show you a quick summary of the value total value of all the shipments together. So in this case, about 1.9 million. And you'll see that here Amazon is asking from for this account from the seller. To reconcile all the shipments, they were asking for 444 documents of proof of purchase. That's a lot to get to basically pull 444 PDF documents out of nowhere, with the with your proof of purchase or packing slip will take you probably days, weeks, months or probably never at all, as we see the overwhelming majority of sellers are not able to do that skill and just can't it's too much. Because you know the business is selling products. I like going back and doing all these documentation. So what we did, if you want this totally optional, you'd have to be can opt in for this tool called Dockmaster. To this tool called documents, we have a patent on this tool, we just log in, put your pin number, and then we'll show you the shipment you log in and it's gonna have a packing slip generated boom like that. So instead of you going back 44 444 documents within a click generates a practice of exactly the way Amazon wants to see it exactly the way I was on understands it, so they can reconcile your shipment. You know, find the missing units and if they don't find it, it'll give them an embarrassment. Okay, so this will save you a tremendous amount of time. Tiffany,


big time, as I say wow, I wish I had this years ago. This not


only saves you all this time it also kind of ensures that you get the money because a lot of sellers try to, you know, you know get the 444 documents, and it's not the Amazon standard, so they decline every every case that you're sending. So you spend all this time, you've never got the money here, essentially the time we get the money. So in addition, if you are the we have another option for Dockmaster Pro, which is free, you can just opt in and we do for you, we generate the document for you. We reconcile all the shipments for you. So it's completely hands off. So once you opt in to this module called inbound shipments and Dockmaster pro, you opt in, it's hands off, but it's up to you, if you want, I just trained you how to do it, you know how to do it, you can use our platform to get visibility to do a quicker, but if you want us to do it, you can opt in. And once you do that, if we get to a recovery to get you the members, when we were only going to charge your field we're successful and getting to the reimbursement if we don't, doesn't cost you anything totally optional, you can opt in and really relieve yourself from this exercise complete together and really focus your time and effort on the business because there's a concept in element called ROT, return on time, the time he spent on one thing, and another thing was going to be more impact. Typically, when you spend your time on sourcing or launching or marketing on the product, and generating revenue is much more lucrative than stock with the trend. Let's go back and get all these documents were in scramble, or what's your return on time. So here's how you get somebody help you. You know, you get everything that's yours and and you really focus your time and effort on moving the business forward. And the other comments haven't been formal for


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  26:23  

friendly reminder questions, comments, put them into the chat that q&a, and we will get to them. We're moving fast, a lot of good information here. But definitely, if you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate.


Yoni Mazor  26:32  

Nice, it move it. All right. Okay, guys, so now we're shifting gears into how to reconcile all FBA loss and damage. Here, I'm coming to a conclusion that you're all pretty comfortable with Excel files. Alright, and what you want to do a visit. So essentially, we click on Reports and fulfillment. And on the left hand side, what you want to do is grab this report card, inventory ledger report, and then you want to download the past 18 months. Because here in this type of visual loss or damage units, Amazon allows you to go back 18 months and reconcile all the data and get reimbursed for any issue. Because once you have the file, it's 18 months, you know, and backdated. You open it and you put some filters, and you really want to filter out two columns. One column is the trade rather than transaction ID column. And the other column you want to is the FN SKU is the fulfillment network SK use. And with a column of the trade you basically it's a copy paste game, you copy the trade into here to this box, it's a tool that Amazon has, if you want to get to this page and tool, because you scan this code will take you to this tool. And once you paste it in, it will tell you that if this unit got damaged, and it's eligible for reimbursement or not, if it's eligible for reimbursement, it's a little it's gonna open a case to get the reimbursement if it's not, it won't copy paste game. Same thing here for the last units. Right. So you copy paste the FN SKU into this box here. And once again, if it's eligible, or would open a case you get reimbursed if not not. And this is how you go back 18 months or 18 months worth of all the transaction all these trades and if excuse you copy paste it in and see where it takes you. That's pretty much how you reconcile the clutch for this type of reconciliation. That's on this, Tiffany ain,


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  28:12  

Super helpful. Again, I am having flashbacks of years of like playing whack a mole and spending hours and hours of the day. There is a reimbursement and loss of transit all the time. 


Yoni Mazor  28:25  

Yes, it's not the fun stuff in life, I put it this way, just reconcile and looking back. But it's important because once you get that cash, it fuels you. So it's always nice. Okay, quick tips on what to do and what not to do. First thing you should probably do for your organization is assign a responsible team member for FBA auditing, you know, Tiffany, she's in charge, or, Jamie, wherever it is in your area, you're in charge. And then you got to go in once a month or whatever the determined timeframe because you have time limitations you don't want to do once every five years because you're going to losing a lot of money to all of my recommendation at least once a month. They go in and take all these actions. Okay? You are the son of somebody or if you are the only one that owns a business and you're self employed you do it yourself. But it's in your calendar, right it's in your tasks lists and then of course reconcile discrepancies on time do not miss out I showed you the timeframes, reply to open cases instead of opening a new case. Right? Sometimes you open a case you don't like the response there. So instead of replying you open another case and other cases start to scramble. And also stay professional regular don't get emotional. Do some people give the whole story I went to lunch and I was laying and this and that. And you know my mother, my mother was bothering me and I need this reimburse right now. It's not gonna offset professional focus on the math and also don't do is don't open a case prematurely. Right so if you just sent 1000 units in next day it was you and it's not taking him every person it doesn't work that way. You gotta give it time to be in transit. And then the eligibility to reconcile will open up on its own. Don't be pushy with Amazon Seller Support, be cordial. Be nice, be respectful, and they're trying to help you so if they don't understand us chatter, express yourself in another way. And don't open a cage. Same issue twice. So you open a case, um, as I said, you're not eligible, then some people chat are basically playing a game, they say, you know, I'm gonna open 10 cases on the same issue, maybe one of them will make a mistake, you give me a refund and reimbursement. That's not the way to go. So don't try to game the system. Just be honest, if you're knowledgeable and knowledgeable, if you're eligible, you're gonna get it's all good. Okay?


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  30:18  

It's a really good friendly reminder, because it's hard. Sometimes you can get highly emotional.


Yoni Mazor  30:23  

And now it could be something that's worth 10,000 50,500 that we've seen those and emotions are there because you can make it or break it. And people say, This is gonna make me it's gonna break me all that stuff. It's better to know, this is what's going on. Here's a tracking his, here's all the data. If you have it all, you know, please take a look. If you need anything, let me know. So it's more like that it's more targeted, it's more like professionalized. Instead of like the whole story that you tell them, it's important to me, I'm gonna lose my business, but they can help you with that. They just want to know that you need to cry, your I's and T's are focused on those A's and T's so they can really say hey, here's a 50,000 or 500,000 It's fine. Yeah, so there you have to blame and just understand the scenario. Okay, now shifting gears into a case study of a $5 million seller, you know, you have this blue, beautiful blue area and set amazon seller central where you know, all the money that's coming into your account, but unfortunately have all this red area where all the money is coming out of your account with all these fees and costs that Amazon is charging you. So if you look here, it says FBA fees, so it looks very thin, and then general thick, very, very thick. It says you know, general, like Amazon fees. So I'm here to tell you that these Amazon fees are actually hiding out a lot of FBA fees. So let's do the math. To these Amazon fees are 77,000. Perform the 77,040 $3,000 on FBA fees type A, which is pretty much the fulfillment fees, the pick and pack fees, every time you sell unit, I was on pace to uniform the bin, the package in a box and ship it out. It's called the pick and pack fee or fulfillment fee. And this is the undisputed champion of all fees and FBA, it's 43,000 out of 290,000. It's almost 20% Just because of performance fees. So if we do a quick pie chart, you'll see that performer fees are close to 20%. Yeah, the regular random FBA fees, don't forget itself, the selling fees typically are 15%. So in this case, study 35% Of all the sellers revenue are Amazon fees, which are burning through the margin, because annually is going to equate to one point $75 million in fees. So now with this quick case study, we were able to identify the king of office and FBA and other we know it's very aggressive, and it has a lot of deep impact on your fees and your and your cost structures. And it's all based on the weight and dimensions of your product that basically comes to, you know, to, to a conclusion of, you know, let's try to just for a second, you know, now you can really rely on your strategy for this fact. So, small tip here, minimize your fees, and by package smaller, lighter and smarter, right, because the fees are based in the winter dimension. So you have an example here of this wall, if you send this ball inflated, and it's gonna be like 4050 inches long, and because of that Amazon is gonna charge you, let's say $15, every time you sell the unit, as opposed to deflating it, and it's only five inches long, and Amazon might only charge you $5, it could be $10 difference for the same exact item, because you packages smaller, lighter, and more efficiently, right. So let's say you sold 1000 units, and you save $10 or $10,000 of savings. This is before the refund is just strategizing to minimize and fees in general, instead of VA sent me for this pair of pants, if you send it all rolled out like that, and it's like, you know, huge sizes like 70 inches long, and I wasn't gonna charge you $30 Every time you sell unit or you roll it up, you put in a shrink wrap, Amazon's gonna charge you only like $10, save on fees, save on fees. So this is a strategy should adapt. So you should see where your fees are at and said the tiers and structures of the fees. If you're borderline if you can shrink half an inch or an inch? Or if you answer's no, you guys are going to take you to a lower fee tier, you should do it. So look into that. And not only is going to save you on all these fees with Amazon, it's also also going to save you a lot of fees on general carriers. And when you ship it, you ship it by boat by by truck. So that's how all the logistics game works on minimizing the winter dimension. So the prime example is when you buy a mattress online, you know when it's rolled up, it comes like all rolled up. I mean, open up poof, it just pops open. And it's who is the why do we think they'll roll it up. So this saves them a lot of money and fees. Okay, and tracking and fulfillment, all that stuff. So think the same way, if you haven't, make sure to do an hour because it can have a lot of impact because any percentage point that you trim on fees, because we showed you these are the King of affairs, it just gonna go straight to bottom line, your profitability will just skyrocket every time


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  34:32  

impact. When I used to sell home decor, we actually took this initiative on how to make the cube smaller for accent lighting and glass panels and got the QC team together and got our factories involved. And it was a trickle effect all to the bottom line. I mean it like increased the bottom line. It was substantial. So it's definitely worth the time to put this initiative together.


Yoni Mazor  34:55  

Yeah, I want to point this out that a lot of the most successful retailers you see in this world Behind the scenes, they're zealous, and world experts on all these issues, you know, Target, Walmart, Costco, Gap, all these companies are like world experts are shrinking. And when they move products around historic, they're the most efficient that can be because you do that skill. And when you do that skill, every inch every ounce counts, like literally. So you should put yourself into those dimensions, well, you'll probably do very well, long, long, long term. Okay. Okay, so now that you did everything you can to strategize and make sure you have really the best fee structure. Now you constantly have to track him and monitor the fees, because from time to time, Amazon might start overcharging mistakenly for the fulfillment fees because of issues. Small example, it can be a variety, I'm just giving you an example to make to illustrate this issue. So let's say the product that you're selling is a handbag. And the handbag has a strap, when you ship it in, it doesn't have the strap is inside the handbag. But once the customer buys it, it puts the hands the strap on and then sends it back for refund. And when they send it back to the shop is still on. And maybe it's an add another 3040 50 inch to your handbag, and Amazon is going to put in a bigger machine called a cubic scan machine, they're going to scan in that that's job is going to add 4050 inches to the dimensions. So the machine wall was on recalculate your fees and added us tremendous amount of fees unnecessarily. So because of that mistake, because that issue. So whenever that happens, and you discover that issue, you kind of have to do two things. First thing is to contact Amazon to make sure that they are just the fees again, they do recalculate and basically put you back in the old set of fees, so you save a lot of money going forward. So we stopped the bleeding. And the second thing, you go back and get a refund up to 90 days for all the overcharges, okay, this is called the pick and pack fees are the fees over charges. And then if you want to get a little shortcut, you can always log into gotta go into the pick and pack module here. And right away, you can have all of the data of every essence that you have in the winning dimensions. So instead of going to sell essential and try to figure out how much is the winning dimension, every product, you get instant visibility right here right away with this module called pick and pack. So you'll get instant visibility. But of course, if you want us to take care of it, you can just go in and see okay, let's see. This product, for example, it says, Oh, this is actually 50 centimeters, but it's not a maybe it's only 20 centimeters. So you can just adjust it here to 26 centimeters, and click on Save. This will trigger us in our system to do a calculation, if we see that Amazon is overcharging you, we're gonna open the case and fix it for you. We're gonna make sure that Amazon stops overcharging, you get all the savings, that's great. And then the past 90 days, I said overcharged for $7,000 We're going to get you that $7,000 back. So there's two or three from


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  37:32  

actually initiates if you make that change in the field that will notify your system and then be able to process flow to get the plan. Interesting. Cool. Yeah. So


Yoni Mazor  37:42  

you could do one one at a time here. But if you have a big catalog, you just export this table and put all this data in Excel and just upload and once you upload we have all the the true and dimensions on your side, we need your data we cannot determine for you. What is the real one in dimensions, you are the brand you are the seller, we need your data. And once you give that to us, we're going to send on guard so that whenever there's an issue, we're going to resolve it right away so you don't have to bleed any money out. And even worse, get overcharged you never get paid for the overcharging which is like the worst thing because your margins just pissing away your profit. It's not a good practice. Yep. Okay, so that's that. Alright, so quick summary here, guys. So we can start wrapping things up. So remember, the discrepancy rate on an annual basis can range between one to 3%. That's the opportunity here, you have up to 18 months we show you all the brackets of timeframes. So do not miss out. A truly it's your money and it's your profit and you should be in your pocket. And then also when you open cases with Amazon and they need the documentation, you know the difference between all the documentation is needed especially the pod proof of delivery and pop people for purchase. We discuss that now. You know, and if you ever wondered, if you why you might still need help with Amazon FBA auditing, have a look, this is more additional things, I don't want to overwhelm you guys to this, I touched the core issues. But this has additional issues that might be wrong. And in your account that happened, that you're going to be eligible for refunds. If any, any issue here looks familiar, it probably means that you're leaving money behind. Okay, so we'll be able to recover that for you. And now I want to do a quick study to show you the financial impact, the positive impact of getting all your money back from refund. So, you have a case study of $80 million seller so 300,000 units 9000 units got affected with all the issues units got lost them and destroy this bureau at this point, all the all the all the happiness happened, right? Which puts it at 2.8% discrepancy rate. Remember I told you it's between one to 3% and this case 2.8%. We recovered $151,000 back, which added to the profit about 11%. Because before we get to the profit was 1.3 million we added 151,000 and boom, dramatic. Yeah, yeah, it's a dramatic impact on the bottom line. That's the first layer of impact are the layers of impact. If you're about to sell your Amazon business, and you're adding $151,000 in profit, you're gonna get a multiple on this. Let's say you gotta find the x multiple. So this 151,000 All of a sudden is where With $750,000, because that's the way it works. Because every dollar you add in profit, you get a multiple, or if you just bought an Amazon business, whoever sold you the business left behind $151,000, back, you get, and you get a much better ROI return on investment. And then also we Yeah, so if you guys want to kind of First things first, you guys know a lot now, and you can take actions after the session and get all this recovery all this money, and we encourage you to do the maximum you could do on your own to get all the refunds that you can. And then what we recommend is that we can come in afterwards. And whatever you guys missed out on for whatever reason we can recover for you. And only if we're successful, only then we're going to get rewarded. So it's free to join free to stay, there's no subscription enough to pay anything in advance. So that's the first thing you got to know. The second thing is that we did prepare an offer for you. So not only is free to join, you're free to stay, the first $1,000 that we're going to get for your reimbursements will be free. And this is a guarantee you're gonna have $1,000 extra in your pocket. After $1,000 If you want to leave us you can leave. If you want to stay you can say whatever you want to do, that's fine, all you got to do is you can scan the score or just visit Or once you're already in the signup page, just make sure you have this code in BW g 1000. And this I guarantee you it might take us a few days, a few weeks, we're gonna get $1,000 extra in your Amazon account, because we're going to recover a cleanse for you we're going to recover a rear reimbursements and it's just for you. And then on top of all that, I'm going to be a POC, your point of contact is my information. There's my direct email or if you want you can just visit forward slash dash info, you're gonna get my email my phone number, my YouTube channel, my all my other good stuff. You can follow me everyone everywhere you want to follow me but more importantly, because you're part of the BWG Connect family. I'll be a point of contact any issues question thoughts, issues, challenges, you just reach out to me. Once again, I got over a decade of experience with this domain and area happy to obviously help you with the maximum reimbursements that you need. But also anything else is challenging you with it with E commerce, Amazon all that stuff happy happy to be a you know, friendly, consultant friend, advisor, free of charge, this is extra benefit extra bonus. Once again, we audit 10s of billions of dollars of transactions every day, we have 10s of 1000s of clients worldwide. In a world renowned brands, this is a Rando environment that we're in. And I'm extending that network free of charge as an extra bonus, because this is a this is a high quality small forum. This is not like you know, I'm not lecturing to 1000 people all at once. It's just you know, a small forum. So not only you get this $1,000 offer to try us out, I basically extend myself as well as a resource for your yourself in your organization. And that's pretty much it. So once again, we went through Amazon, quick recap, we gave you some updates from the marketplace strategies on how to really save and minimize our fees. So hopefully it boosts our profit. And then we went to the hard core of all these types of issues and the timeframes allow it to reconcile them and to get all the refunds went to examples of each one how to kind of do it and went through the data platform to how it can be helpful as an instrument. And of course, and, and also, we got this offer if you want to try us out. So that's it. Hopefully this is helpful. Hopefully this will empower you, your organization, your skills, your know how. And really, that's, that's what I got so far. Tiffany,


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  43:12  

Thank you so much. Questions, comments, I get them into the chat q&a, and we will get them in the last few minutes here. I always appreciate one the wealth of information that you provide. But then the tactical like having been somebody who managed and lived in that world day in and day out managing a business, to actually see it in motion and be able to go back to your desk and you know, take initiative and finding those nuggets of knowledge that you can make an impact is pretty cool. So definitely appreciate


Yoni Mazor  43:43  

that. It was a pleasure.


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  43:44  

I actually, you know, it's hard to find this


Yoni Mazor  43:48  

kind of stuff. Yeah, it's just a twilight zone, it just, you know, hides in all these pockets and corners. So I'm here to bring it out here and bring it to life. And because we're really I cannot stress enough the impact of recovering money you never expected to have and you just reinvest into the business and it keeps on compounding. So we know we're doing this for eight years already. And we've seen in the past few years, some of our clients are still in business and they're growing because there's so calculated on their moves and their tactics. So they know for me are auditing of reimbursements. They got it covered for advertising, the optimizer got a cover for sourcing. So it's like a symphony of optimization all over the place. They're just strong, they're just going in and going while others are coming and they're all over the place. It's spread thin and our focus they kind of fade away so it's always thrilling for me to see these these brilliant you know professionals in the industry that are constantly have this growth mindset and optimization mindset. So for you guys, you guys watching this and being here with us, you're adopting it to that. I did also do a few weeks ago, I was in a special strategy session by these world renowned strategist experts, facilitators, and they actually didn't realize that they stress out the two of the three different should be three different three differences between coaching training and mentoring, you know, what's the difference? 


Unknown Speaker  45:06  

What's the difference between the three, coaching, or training and mentoring?


Yoni Mazor  45:08  

It kind of sounds all the same, right? I'm gonna be a coach, I'm your mentor, kind of sounds all the same, but there's actually definitions for three of them, they're kind of different than they highlighted the nuances between each one. So. So coaching is like, I can tell you what to do, we're gonna have to do it. Alright, so anybody can really be a coach, or you don't have to be in there and be in that position. And then training is like really, for making sure that somebody is doing repetitive things, you know. So it's really about the repetitive so you train your body, you know, you run your job, or you do if you're in math, because because you're really training the body and you could be a trainer because you make sure that you're a whip and somebody that does repetitive tasks, that the difference between coaching and training. The third is mentoring. Mentoring is something you did yourself, are you still doing it? And you're really showing others how to do it. That's what just happened right now. I'm doing it. You're gonna be doing it. We're doing it together. It's mentorship. So that's kind of the nuances between coaching training and mentoring. So hopefully you got a nice mentoring experience here. And it's valuable. 


Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson  46:12  

Yeah, definitely more of a mentor type of my opinion, like mentoring. Yeah, help everybody you know, and that's what this community is all about. So I greatly appreciate it. But we definitely encourage follow-up conversations with the GETIDA team. Yoni, again, thank you so much for all the contents and the wealth of information. And definitely feel free to reach out to myself at And we can get some time on the calendar. That's how we get the content for our future events. So with that, it's a wrap. Happy Wednesday. Y'all has a wonderful week and upcoming weekend.


Yoni Mazor  46:43  

Bye, everybody. Take care.

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