Driving External Traffic to Your Listing with AI

Oct 11, 2023 12:00 PM1:00 PM EST

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Key Discussion Takeaways

In an ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, driving external traffic to your Amazon listings is a critical aspect of successful marketing. But how can you leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI to amplify your reach and conversions?

According to Rob Stanley, a seasoned eCommerce expert and AI enthusiast, the combination of AI tools for content creation and partnerships with influencers and affiliates can make a significant difference. AI has the potential to streamline your content creation process, while strategic relationships can amplify your reach.

In this virtual event, Aaron Conant is joined by Rob Stanley, Chief Evangelist and CMO at GETIDA. They explore how AI tools can help drive external traffic to Amazon listings, the strategic role of affiliates and influencers in product promotion, and the importance of Amazon Attribution in monitoring the effectiveness of various marketing channels. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how these strategies can help you stay ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Driving external traffic to Amazon listings using social media, influencers, and AI programs
  • Leveraging Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase visibility and drive traffic to Amazon listings
  • How to optimize ad campaigns
  • Using AI to streamline email marketing
  • The value of participating in online communities
  • AI-powered review monitoring platforms to analyze sentiment from reviews
  • Generating eye-catching product and social images using AI
  • Using YouTube to showcase products and reach a wider audience
  • The importance of creating content that is easily consumable and shareable
  • Writing guest posts and working with affiliates to promote your Amazon listings
  • Amazon Attribution and why it’s crucial for marketers
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GETIDA is a refund-recovery and inventory management system intended for third-party Amazon sellers using Amazon Fulfillment Services.

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Guest Speakers

Aaron Conant LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Managing Director at BWG Connect

Aaron Conant is Co-Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at BWG Connect, a networking and knowledge sharing group of thousands of brands who collectively grow their digital knowledge base and collaborate on partner selection. Speaking 1x1 with over 1200 brands a year and hosting over 250 in-person and virtual events, he has a real time pulse on the newest trends, strategies and partners shaping growth in the digital space.

Rob Stanley

Chief Evangelist at GETIDA

Rob Stanley is the Chief Evangelist and CMO at GETIDA, a global leader in Amazon FBA reimbursements and refunds. He has more than 20 years of experience in the eCommerce and marketing spaces, having founded and successfully exited two seven-figure eCommerce brands.

Prior to joining GETIDA, Rob was the CMO at AccrueMe and FeedbackWhiz. He is also a China sourcing expert, co-host of the Sellernomics Podcast, and a YouTube-certified expert with a previous channel that had over 48 million views. Rob is affectionately known as "The MoneyMan".

Event Moderator

Aaron Conant LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Managing Director at BWG Connect

Aaron Conant is Co-Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at BWG Connect, a networking and knowledge sharing group of thousands of brands who collectively grow their digital knowledge base and collaborate on partner selection. Speaking 1x1 with over 1200 brands a year and hosting over 250 in-person and virtual events, he has a real time pulse on the newest trends, strategies and partners shaping growth in the digital space.

Rob Stanley

Chief Evangelist at GETIDA

Rob Stanley is the Chief Evangelist and CMO at GETIDA, a global leader in Amazon FBA reimbursements and refunds. He has more than 20 years of experience in the eCommerce and marketing spaces, having founded and successfully exited two seven-figure eCommerce brands.

Prior to joining GETIDA, Rob was the CMO at AccrueMe and FeedbackWhiz. He is also a China sourcing expert, co-host of the Sellernomics Podcast, and a YouTube-certified expert with a previous channel that had over 48 million views. Rob is affectionately known as "The MoneyMan".

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Discussion Transcription

Aaron Conant  0:00

Happy Wednesday, everybody. My name is Aaron Conant. I'm the Co-founder and Managing Director here at BWG Connect; I spend a lot of my time talking with brands. We'd love to chat with anybody on the line today. Just shoot me an email aaron@bwgconnect.com generally just talk digital strategy. I serve as a focal point for this group, I kicked it off six years ago with the focus of how we get enough brands together that we can work on the most pressing digital strategies in the ways to solve them together, and then also help with partner selection as a whole. 0s you know, as anybody knows, if you go to a trade show, it's nonstop sales pitches, and so do a lot on the digital strategy side, but also with partner selection. So, if you ever need any recommendations, shoot me an email. As I'm talking to those brands, the same topics come up over and over again when we host an event like this. And so this is gonna be really fun to dive into a little bit newer topics since AI is hit. But a couple of housekeeping items, send over questions, real-time chat, Q&A, email them to me, we'll tackle those, we're starting three to four minutes after the hour, we're going to wrap up with at least probably five minutes to go, we want to make sure you have plenty of time to get on to your next meeting without being late. And I think that's about it. We're gonna do, I think, 25 dinners between now in the second week of November. So if you're at a tier one city, and you want to be one of those, just reach out to Neil and myself, and we'll see if there's one that's a fit. And I think that's it. But Rob, you know, you guys have been great friends, partners, supporters, and the network for a while now. I think this is my first webinar with you. But I'd love for you to jump in a little bit about yourself, GETIDA, and what you guys are doing in this space, and we can kind of jump into the conversation.

Rob Stanley  2:01

There's some good, absolutely, absolutely. So, I'm Rob Stanley, chief evangelist for GETIDA. Just a quick background about GETIDA, even though we won't be talking about it today actually get to basically.

Aaron Conant  2:13

I think a lot of people are scratching their heads to that.

Rob Stanley  2:16

Well, we'll get into why I actually, just to get here a quick background, I actually sold online for 20 years. And we'll talk about this a little bit more. And I've done a lot of YouTube stuff. I've been really heavy into AI. But as far as content is concerned, we help Amazon FBA sellers with refunds or reimbursements when there are issues in the warehouse, damaged goods, broken goods, weight measurement issues, it goes on and on. I think Yonis already did a webinar with you guys, our co-founder did once you probably go back and watch that or watch the video and if not, I'm sure we'll have him on again. But today, I wanted to kind of focus a bit more on driving external traffic to your Amazon listings and leveraging AI programs that I've learned about. So this is going to be a really cool one because a lot of people get in and they talk about driving external traffic. And they talk about these cool AI programs, I'm going to give you the AI program to use for each one of these steps that we're going to talk about. So it's going to be and the cool thing is at the end, I'm going to give you a link to get the whole entire slide presentation, I'm going to give you a sheet that has all the different AI programs that talked about and some bonus ones. So you definitely want to stay on towards the end to be able to get that link to all the slides that if you want to kick it off, we can kick it off. And I could go into a little bit more on how it kind of got into this whole world of driving external traffic to Amazon listings and making a lot of money doing it.

Aaron Conant  3:40

Yeah, I want to do that. I just also want to just you know why it's come out for a lot of the audiences are Amazon algorithm, right heavily weights, its search algorithm to external traffic arriving on the platform. And that, you know, over the past few years is everybody's jumped on the platform, you know, in I know a lot of people were on it before, but we have a lot of companies, especially larger companies, tons of money, where it important system PBCs going up. And you know, we have just a lot of people trying to struggle to get into a relevant area of search. And this is one of those ways that people can do it. And sometimes it's harder for anyways, it's it's super cool. I'm pumped, and I can't wait to jump into it. So Rob, I'll let you roll and we'll just ask questions as we go.

Rob Stanley  4:30

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I mean, Amazon loves the fact that you're driving external traffic. I'm going to show you some tips and we'll talk about some things that you know, basically how I was doing and what I was doing to drive a lot of external traffic for very low cost almost, you know, some of it's actually free. It just takes a little your time. So let me jump into the slideshow here. We'll get things rolling. All right. We're ready to start really quick. We're driving external traffic to your Amazon listing by leveraging AI programs. for effective marketing, and, again, as we're going through this, feel free to ask questions, or post a question, happy to stop, go over it go into more detail, we want to make sure you guys get a lot of value out of this. So just a little bit about myself, this will kind of help you understand a little more on why I'm doing this slide presentation of how I have a background in this sold online for over 20 plus years. Started on YouTube in 2007. So very early into YouTube, one of the first people to post a part of your iPhone video, not one of the I was the first. So the day the iPhone came out, I did a whole take apart on it, which is the reason why I was at the time selling a lot of parks, for electronic devices and cell phones back in the day. And I saw an opportunity here, and we were already doing videos prior to YouTube that you had to download off our website. So we transitioned over to YouTube saw it as a great platform, we ended up generating seven figures a year in sales from YouTube. And remember, this is the content we created. And then we'd point people back to our at that time, we were pointing them back to our actual website to buy the products and get the accessories that they wanted. Nowadays, you could, you know, of course, point them to your website, your Shopify store, your Amazon listing, there's a lot of ways we could go with that. Even though technically, YouTube, I do have a huge background in, we're not gonna go super deep into it, because that could be a whole nother presentation. But we will go over some tips on that. And then of course, you can reach out to me at the end, if you want more information on YouTube or have specific questions, I actually just found the first certificate, I had YouTube certified since 2016. That just basically means I pass a lot of tests and understand the platform a little better than others. And I have to renew that usually every other year, depending on the certifications. When I sold my actual company, part of that was the YouTube channel. And that YouTube channel had 48 million views as of when it in 2018. Funny part is the guy never did a thing within it still generates 3 million views a year and still generates $500 in basically shared ads coming from Google or from the YouTube channel. So kind of a crazy thing there. So let's jump right into this. So let's talk about utilizing social media. So you want to increase your visibility on your Amazon listing by sharing your products, right sharing your products on social media. And that should attract more potential customers. Now we all don't know where customers are, I mean, we have an idea. And there's going to be more focused areas, especially depending on what you're selling, I always love to use the camping. And I'll use that scenario throughout, you know, if I'm selling camping stoves, you know, I'm going to probably be in some social media with people that are like-minded, you know, maybe go camping, they go by four by foreign. Maybe they do hiking and camping. But you know, just a general you want to share your products on social media. And I just see times where people just don't share it. They're like, well, it's my personal social media. That's okay, you just never know who's following you or who might be interested. So I always recommend that. So this is a really cool little thing called contentstudio.io. It helps with Instagram, captions, tweets, ideas, quotes, and more. Again, you're gonna get a summary of all these different ones, but you're welcome to take, and you're gonna get the slides, you know, of this whole presentation. But you know, what I wanted to do, as each one of these is tie in a tool that's an AI tool that can help you with some of this. And it's always great to have tools that can help you, you know, with your Instagram, your, your tweets, I know it's X now and I haven't had a chance to update that yet. But, you know, quote some more so yeah, take a look at that. And that's something that can help you guys out especially when it comes to a little help on you know, what do I do to get people interacting on social media? So all right, and Aaron feel free to jump at me or yell at me when you have a question pop up. Yeah, and we can always back up to so awesome well done. Yeah, let's keep moving them. So collaborating with influencers is a pretty big thing. This could go on for a while but with a whole nother presentation but collapsing with influencers to promote your product by sharing it, you know, with our blog posts or videos, their social posts, and you know, of course, including a link to your Amazon listing. There's a lot of different ways you could do that. And not to just jump right to this it's not necessarily AI program, but a lot of people always come to me, and they're just like okay, Rob, I want to collaborate with these influencers maybe they found some themselves you know, maybe I found some camping people on some of these different people on YouTube by just searching around but take a look at influencermarketinghub.com Those there's quite a few people in there that you can get specific on industry you can get specific on you know, different areas or in you know, like I could go in there and start looking up camping or hiking or you know, maybe even people that go four by fours in the woods and go you know, camping and stuff like that, but you know reach out to those people that a lot of times collaborators will do it for just the price of the product, I always personally have found that the ones who have worked best are usually the up and coming influencers. So if you get in there early, it's just the cost of the product they're gonna get behind you, they're gonna give it the best effort. But always recommend also just kind of having like a script for them, or some highlight sheet that shows them the different types of your product, what works, maybe things to say, maybe there's words you use for describing a certain feature or something has, the more you could do for that influencer, the easier it is for them to make that content. Plus, influencers are always looking for content, that's how they make money, they make money based on content. So a lot of times they're happy to do it, because that helps them out with content, don't just go to influencers that are just huge influencers that have nothing to do with what you're selling, you're going to get more of a negative effect from that you're going to spend a lot of money, and you're going to end up just wasting a lot of money and not getting the return like you're expecting. But also remember influencers, you know, when you're going in and working with them, these videos and these things they share stay up on their sites for a long time. So you know, there's always a residual that could come from that. So don't just think about, hey, the first 48 hours this, we didn't get a ton of sales from this. Heck, it could be you know, that video picks up again, maybe they loop it background into a summary, and then all of a sudden, it gets hit again, and they're gonna have more people looking at it or somebody searching it. So, you know, always work with influencers. That's always a good one.

Aaron Conant  11:31

Yeah, I totally agree on the, the micro, the smaller influencers that are out there, you know, that original trend of, hey, let's go with the huge ones, because we're in a gauge, you know, you know, basically our KPI is going to be total impressions as a whole. And absolutely, a lot of it is not leading to anything, it's just impressions. And so the micro-influencers, those communities, the smaller groups that they have really lean on them for the newest trends. And, you know, it ends up then the whole purpose of this, right, and we have whole product platforms now that are popping up that do exactly this, but very, very targeted from an agency standpoint of finding the micro-influencers and then pushing it for new item launches, or you've got an item on the page to a search, and none of them Iwan Bucha first page of search, and none of them use the huge influencers, they're all looking for those small, very effective lower cost, you know, but very, very targeted, you know, influencers that are driving the traffic that then they convert, and that's the great thing is that they're driving it to Amazon. It's awesome.

Rob Stanley  12:41

Alright, let's get going, let's go ahead and keep moving on. And let's talk about paid advertising. You know, a lot of times people just kind of overlook paid advertising, especially places like Facebook, or Google ads, every site Google ads, yeah, it's been around forever. It's still effective. You know, and you're, and by the way, Amazon doesn't mind, in fact, actually likes the fact if you're paying for Google ads, and you're driving people from that ad to your Amazon listing, it actually helps your ranking. It helps your overall just like performance, and they love that they absolutely love that. So, you know, increase your visibility and drive traffic to your listings by running ads. Like we just talked about Facebook ads, Google ads, or Google AdWords. And Amazon has, of course, Amazon's advertising platform is always good. I think a lot of people are doing this. But it's just one of the things has to be said, because sometimes they you know, gets overlooked on Google ads. Everybody's so focused on least Amazon sellers are focused on running those Amazon ads. But you know, think think larger. Again, it kind of falls back to that first thing we're talking about your buyers, you know, yeah, they're on Amazon. I always love to say that, you know, people shop on Amazon, but when they buy your product, they go to Google to do research on your brand or your product. But you know, you never know don't give up those Facebook and those Google AdWords, there's still a lot of money that can be made there a lot of traffic they'd be driven there. Take a look at so if you're talking about you know, creating an optimizing like Facebook ads, Instagram and Google ads, checkout, it's peachlyai.xyz, I don't know how they come up with these names sometimes. But take a look at that one. It'll help you with creating and optimizing Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Some of these I have tried of these I have not had a chance to try it just went to their website, gathered information. Talk to a few people that maybe have and they were early on. They have said they've learned a lot from it, and it's been working for them. But you know, each person is going to be different. So you know, check these out yourself, see if it's a good fit for you. If you already have somebody who does Google ads, Facebook ads, just lean on them to make sure they're optimized. Make sure that your products are being seen out there. I used to use Google Ads back in the day and man it was great. We always kept an eye on our ROI. But you know, we're pushing people to our website, but I was looking at this way you're pushing them to your Shopify. Store your website, and your Amazon, and still the same thing. Find those keywords and you know, make sure to focus on them.

Aaron Conant  15:09

Oh, no, I was just thinking, you look back a couple of years in the idea of driving, especially from a branded side, when you have your own direct consumer site, any of your traditional paid search or social the Amazon was, like, if you just brought that up, you are chastised across the community as a whole, like, why would you ever do that, but with the algorithm, and you know, as people figure it out, this, you know, the off-site traffic coming on having such a huge impact of a lot of people now taking a decent sized portion of their budget of traditional paid search and social, directing it towards Amazon using somebody like an amped to make sure you can find out the attribution now. And then if they convert fantastic, huge boost in the organic search, which also then helps your paid search on, on Amazon as well. But then if, regardless, if they do purchase, then on the Amazon DSP, right, you can retarget and send it back to your direct consumer site. So you can use it to capture the perfect person to then using the DSP to drive it to your direct consumer site and use it as this connected circle and maximize what that looks like.

Rob Stanley  16:25

Yeah, yeah, we're GETIDAs good friends with and I'm personal friends with a lot of the Ampd people, we always recommend them. They have some tips and tricks that are not even included on here that, you know, they know how to do and they can help you with especially when it comes to Google AdWords definitely would take a look at them. But yeah, just in general, you should be just looking at all these different areas, you can run ads, I think I left out actually Instagram because Instagram, you can run some ads now too, but I'll be sure to add that in. So I'm gonna draw.

Aaron Conant  16:54

I'm gonna drop Ampd in the chat for everyone. I go thing these people right, here they are. They're awesome. If you want to direct connection, it just shoot me an email, aaron@bwgconnect.com. They're essentially allowing you to attribute what's going into Amazon via these traditional paid search and social channels to actual sales in their close partner with Amazon if they don't win, like the Ad Partner of the Year. I'll be shocked this year. So

Rob Stanley  17:17

Yes, I agree with you. I agree with you. Awesome, David, I'm glad you're using them. They're they're great. They're great people over there. Yeah, so let's go and keep going. We got a few more slides to go. So email marketing. So that restarted see kind of a resurgence of this. There's a couple of big influencers out there that have been doing a lot of studies on email marketing, they're starting to see not starting to see but they're seeing a kind of a revival of this email marketing again, right, you build up this list, and sometimes you're just not utilizing it. And the ones I'm talking to recently, they actually are really focused on the content of that of that email marketing, make sure there's value there. So you know, increase your, your traffic to your Amazon listing, consider including a link to your products, in your email letter, and promotional emails, take a look at if you guys want to find like an AI driven email campaign, take a look at this Mails.ai program is super cool. This one, I have talked to a few people who do a lot of email marketing, and they really highly recommend it. It's really good at helping you with that, you know, those campaigns and kind of pointing out what you need to get those open rates to get those click-throughs to your products. But you know, one thing I used to do back in the day, and it's definitely not the thing to do any of it any more as my email marketing was mainly like a catalog. It was just product catalog. Nowadays, you know, you got to have good content in there, you got to give some tips you got to be talking about industry again, if you know if I'm if I'm running a store that's doing camping stoves or something like that, maybe I'm talking about 10 best places to camp, right and you know, in a certain state or maybe throughout the US, then I could always you know, you can just slowly add in, like, if you went to one of those campsites, hey, yeah, we were out there. And we had a great time we cooked XYZ on our XYZ stove. Right, you know, and there's ways to subtly kind of put it in there with a link, but still provide this cool information. You know, I love to use camping because I actually was just up in Yellowstone myself this summer, doing some camping, but yeah, that's you gotta gotta have content.

Aaron Conant  19:25

That was the hardest thing, right? Because everybody does have email newsletters, but to create content, content content, and it's everywhere, right? And the fact that you would have to have somebody crafting that again, for an email the time that went into it. Everybody's like, hey, time is better spent someplace else, which is where AI comes in, right? Give me 80% of the way there right? I can't totally automate this. We've seen all the scenarios where it doesn't quite sound right. So people can pick up on it. It's like, you know, an AI-generated human right now he's like, something's wrong. not quite right. But you know, you can the AI can pick it up pretty interesting, right? But so emails to get they get it you almost there? And absolutely you if you have a program to do it, and that's awesome. No, I love it. I mean people, I think there's gonna be a resurgence of email marketing the focus on it, and how targeted and how valuable you can make it. And the people who do it early on are going to win because their emails are going to open up everybody agrees I mean emails work, but they gotta be right.

Rob Stanley  20:30

Absolutely, yeah. So check out this Mails.ai helped again, to help you guys with those campaigns. And like your Aaron was just saying, Yeah, it'll get you a certain percentage there, but you're gonna know your product better than anybody. So if there are keywords in there that you need in there, sometimes the AIs will pick it up, sometimes they won't. But always double-check it don't just create AI content and send, that's not the way to do it, you have to look it over for sure. So, alright, so the next thing we're gonna move on to is participating in online communities. Now, just to be clear, this doesn't mean you go in there and start just hammering your product, and come buy from us come buy from us, you want to engage in online community and forums. Now, listen, I go to a lot of webinars, and I see a lot of stuff. The first thing I'd be asking is, where does Rob think I have time for all this stuff? And I totally get it, the whole idea of this presentation is for you guys to either use some of these programs to help, you know, shorten the amount of time it takes for you guys to do this, or pick the ones that you feel are best for you that you can focus on that maybe it'll get you the most results. And that's what I want to say kind of coming into this, or getting through this. But take a look at you know, if you have a little time, get into that knee. So maybe I'm in a camping group, maybe I'm in a four-by-four group, maybe I'm in a hiking group on Facebook's right on Facebook, and somebody's asking about, you know, Hey, did anybody go here and maybe I went there be a part of that committee actually be a part of it, you know, be a part of what your product is. It's okay, even if it's a product, that you just found this as a great seller, and you know enough about the product to actually sell it, do some research, understand your product, and understand the audience that are buying your product. So that way you can get in these groups. And if anything, you know, Aaron, what I found is some of these groups you're in, they start talking about pain points. And those pain points can be either another feature, you add your product, that's a pain point that they see. Or maybe it's a whole new product that you come out of there just being part of these groups. And they're talking about, I wish the stove did this and it you know, did this and did that. Or maybe it didn't work at a high altitude, well, maybe you need to create a high-altitude stove if there's enough, or maybe you could add that feature to your stove, that allows it to be a high-altitude stove or something like that. So there are ways to find out about either a new product or feature, you could add yours to set you apart. But just to check out the AI side of this, devi.com automates monitoring outreach content and scheduling for Facebook groups and social media. So this is a way to kind of keep an eye on some of those groups. And also, you know, basically, schedule things. So it's a one way to kind of like, basically kind of keep an eye on the group and understand what's going on in that group without having to be in there every day for hours and hours at a time.

Aaron Conant  23:16

You know, you're bringing up, this is a great resource for, you know, fine-tuning products, right? fixing issues that might be wrong, or, you know, maybe finding competition's products as well, and what they're doing right you know, there's if you follow any of these, there's new AI, like review monitoring platforms that do something very similar, but they're pulling off from like your Amazon and Walmart, VT reviews, I'm thinking there's a couple of them out there. But like Yogi is one where then you're getting out of it pretty much the same thing. So it's AI in the back end crunching and then pulling out sentiment and delivering sentiment around your product or your competition's product. So then, people are not only working it into product design, but they're working it into the detail pages and the contents is there and into the ads, right. So if your competition has a hard, you know, everybody says the closure is hard to open, then your ads, it is easy to open closure.

Rob Stanley  24:13

So it's before we move on for this, a lot of people are going to probably mention Reddit, you know, somewhere. It is a huge platform. There's lots of great content there, you have to be super careful. I know plenty of sellers that got into Reddit got into a specific area that's you know, focused on them and start mentioning their products and they ended up getting banned from Reddit. So you got to be super careful and read it. That's part of the reason why I mentioned Facebook groups because you have a little more flexibility, especially if you go in there and build yourself up over say like a three-month period of becoming like an expert in the field and really understanding the group and what you can say and not say you know this is not something that you just go and start spamming that's just that's a quick way and that's quick way to get kicked out. So Just be careful. And yeah, Reddit is a good one, just be really careful on fretting more than others. So, all right, let's, let's go ahead and go on. So Pinterest, you know, Pinterest been around a long time. And you know, everybody's got images. Everybody's got images already on their website. And they're thinking, Well, I got these, you know, five to seven images on their Amazon listing, well, heck, on Pinterest, it's like, that's only gonna give me a, you know, a week or a couple of weeks of posting. So what I wanted to talk about is this really cool AI premiere program that can help you with this. So you, of course, want to create really eye catching pins. And there's ways to link to them. Now, Pinterest just did this not too long ago, that you can link to your Amazon listing from that pin, and ecomtent.ai, or Ecomtent, either way, you want to call it, I have this person on my podcast and give you a little bit of information about that actual AI tool. So what it'll do is isolate your product. So let's take my camping stove and isolate my camping stove. And then using AI, I can tell it, take my camping stove, put it on a picnic table in the woods with a tent behind it and the glows coming from the tent and a whole bunch of redwood forest, and put a four by four truck over there Toyota four runner some, it will actually generate like 50 images like that within seconds. And I can even say you know what color I want things if I missing something, and then you'd go through and literally start picking out all these different images that look great, almost Midjourney-like but actually a little bit better. Because you can isolate your product and put it into situations like lifestyle situations. He's still building it is a live program at ecomtent.ai is live. He's still making adjustments to it, though to make it better and better. But there you go. If you're like how do I get all this content to be able to put on Pinterest quickly? There is there it is right there for you. incompetent or Ecomtent.ai Take a look at that. I think if you mentioned Sellernomics, you get like either some credit or something like that, that's my podcast. But take a look at that you can always reach out to me if you need a link for that. Or if you forgot the code, or he mentioned something about it. But cool thing Aaron super cool that this guy is just like generating, you know, all kinds of images with your product. And I do have to kind of just mention, it's not quite to the point that it's perfect yet for doing your on your listings. But He's almost there. So I would use this more for Pinterest. And let him kind of keep developing it. He's kind of a small, small shop. Small team, but it is getting close where you could almost take your product and put it in lifestyle situations and put it up on Amazon, but not quite there. But take a look at that you guys is so neat. errands I bet Sharon's typing it in right now. That's

Aaron Conant  27:48

exactly what I'm doing. That's where I mean, it's just interesting, because content, we talk about all of this stuff, right? We were just brought it up with email, and all these ways, but getting the content to do it. Right. Influencers is one way to do it. If this is one of those areas for AI where everybody's like, what are we gonna do with AI? You know, it's kind of subsided where brands are thinking, hey, I need to build this out internally, right? They're just, we're waiting for those people who can actually make it, they've gone through a series a they're profitable, maybe a series B. And now the time that I'm confident they're going to be around for a while. They can actually generate the content for me or get me 90% of the way there. And is it profitability, profitability, profitability is all the conversations I'm having right now. So adding more content people internally is not an option. So but the demands for you know, driving traffic are still there, and they're going up. So this is awesome. Yeah, I was literally just typing it in.

Rob Stanley  28:52

So I did have them on you can go to youtube.com/getida search, ecomtent or Ecomtent. And you'll see a whole video I did with him on a demo of him showing me how to how it works. And check that out before you even have to sign up. And I think that's where you can even find the code to get like a discount type thing. Super cool, though. That way you don't have to actually go try it right off the get you can just go check it out. Let's see Max Sinclair. Yep. Yep, there we go. Thank you, my GETIDA team posted in the link there to YouTube. Awesome. Yeah, go check that out. It was great to have max on and talk about he's the owner. But let's get let's keep going. We got lots more to go. Yeah. Nice guy. Yep. Yep. All right. Let's talk a little bit about YouTube. Again, YouTube. I could do a whole hour on YouTube. I have done an hour on YouTube before actually did a whole workshop for five hours on YouTube. So but you know, my goal is to just give you guys quick tips here right things you could utilize and take advantage of right now. So obviously want to have a YouTube channel. If you're brand doesn't have a YouTube channel. You need to go create one. There's lots of videos Have you had to create that channel and get that going? And then of course, in the descriptions, you can link to your Amazon listings within a product description. You can even start with as simple as you know, I'm gonna guess that everybody on here probably already has a video and their Amazon listing, start with that video build up that little channel. And you can kind of go from there. But if you're are making content about your actual products, and you have videos, take a look at Opus.Pro. This is an AI tool that will basically repurpose your long videos and cut them into shorts and put them in the right vertical formats. All within a click, we actually use this in house and get theta. So if you ever on Instagram or YouTube and you see our shorts, or clips and things like that, that's what we're using to do it. We're giving away the house right here so you understand what we're doing.

Aaron Conant  30:48

No I use the exact same thing. It's, you know, it was actually taught as and fell over Colgate said, Hey, check this out after I did a podcast with him and it is fantastic. If you have video I made it pulls it out, it gives it a title, it annotates it, it drops it in. It's fantastic.

Rob Stanley  31:11

I love how it ranks, It'll even give you an estimated rank on how this will perform like which of these clips that it clipped out have a better chance of becoming viral, or at least a better chance of a lot of views. Yeah, we've seen somewhere we clipped and we've gotten 1000s Some get hundreds. But they all seem to perform very well using this tool. So another way to just take you know, content you already have or you created and just re-spin it again and again into these different formats. TikTok you know, Instagram videos, shorts, all that stuff. This allows you to take that and just kind of do some more with it, basically.

Aaron Conant  31:47

Yeah, if you guys go out, follow me on LinkedIn, you'll see a post I did with the Digital Shelf Institute if anybody wants to check it out. With Lauren, leave back over there. And, you know, I just posted one of the clips that it does. And that was all I just pulled the YouTube it was a 50-minute podcast, and dropped it in. And you'll see the little clip that it did have her talking.

Rob Stanley  32:09

It's it's really cool. Yeah, yeah. Again, this is a great tool, take a look at it. Let's talk a little bit about guest blogging. You know, one way obviously you can promote your Amazon listings by writing guest posts. And this is where we're going to jump in a little to ChatGPT everybody knows about ChatGPT. But I would take a look at and this is the coolest plugin Aaron I've ever had. I've been using ChatGPT before, about six months before it really kind of took off and got really hot. And this and learning how to like prompt, which is almost like coding is a pain in the butt and understanding how to do it. So there's this program called AIPRM, it's a Chrome plugin extension, you have to be using Chrome with your ChatGPT. But it gives you it's over 4000 different prompts. Now, for just layman's terms, basically, they've already done the work for you. And it'll tell you like, we're going to write 1000 blog articles. And we're going to make the following keyword. So all you're doing is putting in the title of what that blog article is about the keywords you want within that blog article and a kick out 1000 word blog article about your topic. Now again, I want to emphasize what Aaron said, it's going to get you 80% of the way there, you're still going to need to read through it. And of course, the more you're it's about your product and your brand. And if you know your product is something like camping stoves is going to be a lot of information out there. For it to pull from and write a great article, we have tested it, let's say with like Katina because we're in such a niche industry, it doesn't have as much information about what we do. So it did get us probably about 60% of the way there. And then we had to go write the rest. But it's really cool to you know, at least give you that head start. And you'll have this great content, especially if you're starting to get these blog, you know, these trying to do guest blogging, and you found these blogs you want to be on, they all want different content. They don't want the same article in each one. They all want something unique that's going to be unique to them. And you know, there's already been articles talking about well using AI and putting it on a blog and then Google picking it up. Google's already said as long as the content is good and people are willing to read it. They're not they're okay with it being AI generated. But again, you're also putting that human aspect into it. To give you that Headstart, check out this AIPRM Chrome plugin. And by the way, there's plugins in there for our there's pre prompts already in there for YouTube keywords, YouTube descriptions, all kinds of stuff regarding blogging, YouTube's social media post, it goes on and on Amazon listings Amazon bullet points, then of course, the cool thing is the higher ranks, it's going to come up to that top. So when you're searching for the prompt that's best for you. They're going to give you the one that people have thumbed up the most and using the most. And so that's really cool I could go into a long thing on AIPRM but Aaron, are you using anything like that?

Aaron Conant  32:09

I'm not, but I'm going to because I just.

Rob Stanley  32:29

And by the way, it works with the free version too. So you don't have to be on the paid version AIPRM will still work on the free version of daily using this daily. So yeah, definitely take a look at that.

Aaron Conant  35:15

Yeah, I'm primarily using it to consolidate notes as a whole. That's awesome, you know, into something simple, you know. So basically, we can take the transcription from this, and dump it in there and have it, you know, shrunk down to some key takeaways, and then have those on hands for conversations I have with brands later on, when they're asking about AI tools. I'm not scrolling through, you know, 45 pages, or I'm scrolling through, like, you know, two paragraphs of just bullet points that say, Hey, these are the key takeaways.

Rob Stanley  35:48

Yeah, I'll give you guys a great example, this, this will be actually kind of funny. So Aaron was asking me for bullet points for my slide presentation. I didn't have bullet points for it. So I literally went to every one of my slides, grabbed all the slide text, put it into ChatGPT, and had it give me a summary with bullet points. And then it was kind of long, and I shortened it, and I sent it to Aaron. And he goes, that's perfect. There. Yeah, that's how that's how easy it was. It's all my words. I wrote all this, you know, but it was like being able to summarize that I'm like, well, nobody wants that summary of just guest blog, Pinterest, things like that. YouTube, they want a little more than that. So I was able to actually get Aaron what he wanted within a really quick period of time.

Aaron Conant  36:28

The funny thing is, I didn't even know you did that.

Rob Stanley  36:31

Yeah. Well, I mean, again, the whole the whole slide presentation, I wrote the whole slide presentation. So that's exactly, exactly. And of course, I looked it over. And it was a lot of it was really long. It gave me really long descriptions on each of the topics, right, like affiliates had a really long description, and I'm like, No, he needs something shorter. And that needs to be quick and short. So I just have it keep shorting it, shorten it down reword a little bit. But anyway, let's keep moving. So ChatGBT probably could go on for hours on that. And there's a lot written on that. But affiliates. Let's talk a little bit about affiliates. We need to be clear with affiliates. Now, influencers and affiliates, let's talk a little bit about that just to kind of separate the two of those influencers usually going to pay upfront, usually for a single video or for a single action from them. Whereas an affiliate and sometimes by the way, influencers can become or be affiliates, if they want to go that route, that affiliates are going to be more of the people that are out there month after month pushing you to get basically part of yourself. So as they're pushing you back to Amazon, or pushing it back to your Shopify store, they're gonna get a cut of that, basically. So that's a difference where an influencer wants a certain chunk of money, usually upfront to do a video or a blog article or something like that. Again, these can be kind of intermixed a little. But, you know, you got to make sure that you're definitely using affiliates. Use those trackie links, you know, allow them to promote, and make sure you give them the information to promote, again, affiliates don't understand your product as well as you do. This isn't necessarily an AI tool. But take a look at influencermarketinghub.com. Again, this time /affiliate-marketing-agencies. So there are affiliate agencies that will put you in contact with people that are in your niche that can basically help connect you and help you get those people that will go out there and push it and also have an understanding of it. Aaron, you're familiar affiliates, I'm assuming.

Aaron Conant  38:24

Yeah, I just been following it for a few years now where this trend is, you know, we're influencers stormed on everyone who is using it, and there are there, obviously, we talked about micro-influencers, this is the mecca ones, you know, that your huge brand, and you you know, want to be seen with them. But I really believe that in most cases, influencers become affiliates at the end of the day, right? Where you're not just paying them one day, they're promoting yours, your competition sees that it blows up. So then they're going through competition next day, because maybe they paid them a little bit more. On the affiliate side, these are people who they're getting a cut of the sales they drive. And so they know if they're promoting three, you know, competing brands, it's kind of confusing. They want to pour into one and a lot of cases. So, no.

Rob Stanley  39:10

Yep, yeah, we have and in fact, we have a, you know, entire affiliate department, affiliate manager, so partnership managers, all kinds of people in our, because those are important to us, too. So let's talk a little bit of Amazon attribution. If you're not using our donor standard, you need to go look into this. It's already available in your account. With Amazon, it's included. So Amazon Attribution provides marketers with insights into performance on their non-Amazon marketing channels. So we're just talking about affiliates. This is a great tie-in to that, you know, Amazon by offering advertising and analytic measurement solutions. So basically, you know, if you get that affiliate, and they're outside of your Amazon and they're pushing people in, you could start basically, you'll get a link that you will attract them. You can see their performance. You can see what's going on with that. Amazon provides us it's already part Did you know Seller Central, it's included in there, I didn't give the exact link to get in there. But you can probably find it just by Googling it or going in and doing a little research on it. So if you're going to start doing influencers, if you're going to start doing affiliates, you definitely want to have this setup. So you can kind of keep track of what's going on out there. Or anytime you're kind of paying somebody to do this, to promote your product, you're gonna want this setup, so didn't have an AI solution for this. It's all built into Amazon. But definitely, if you're not familiar with it, take a look at it. All right. Threads, so Threads is still really new. So I'm sorry, I don't have a ton for this. But I did have a AI program for you guys. That basically this threadbois.io will help you create vile threads, Petters with AI. So take a look at that, again, this is really new. So I unfortunately have not had a chance to really try it out too much. Because this thread being new, and then threadbois.io is really new. So take a look at that.

Aaron Conant  41:09

Just to really like really trendy, maybe it's like threadbois.io.

Rob Stanley  41:14

It could be for sure, I've got to take a look at it, check it out. But just to wrap this up on, you know, basically, there's a lot of cost involved in some of these programs, these AI programs. So one of the ways you can offset that cost and you know, help you to drive this external traffic is we teamed up obviously, with BWG Connect, and you get $1,000 in free reimbursements. Just scanning this QR code, or go getida.com/bwg will give you that first $1,000 to try us out. There's no contract involved. So take the $1,000 and keep it as a gift from BWG Connect and us if you don't want to stay with us. And even if you're using another, another company to do refunds, that's okay. We'll go in there and find everything they missed. Yes, you are allowed to use more than one. Just in case people ask and get to ask that question a lot. And we'll go of course, back 18 months look for any issues you had. And again, no contract. It works on a performance base only when we get your money we get paid, we take a percentage if we don't get any money doesn't cost you anything monthly to be with us. And yeah, definitely take advantage of $1,000 to help offset some of that cost of those AI programs we talked about. So I did see it looks like a question may came in.

Aaron Conant  42:29

Yeah, we can have some time left here for questions. And again, it gets your team is awesome. And you know, the fact that they would jump on and kind of pour into this when it's not their main focus as a whole. It's just awesome. So thanks for pouring into the network. What percent do you take of the refunds you get us?

Rob Stanley  42:51

I can answer that real quick. So it is it is adjustable, depending on what kind of volume you're doing per year, our starting rate is 25%. But I would reach out and basically get started with that. $1,000. And then you know, as we use it up quickly, you can reach out to our success team and or even our sales team, and they can talk to you about the different percentages available, depending on the volume you're doing or how much you're doing in Amazon per year.

Aaron Conant  43:15

Yeah. Awesome. So this other one, many of the top affiliates have their own affiliate relationship with Amazon, right? So they got their own tags that are already out there. And that's how they're making a ton of money. Right. And in thinks he and his main refers to press PR. So there's no benefit for them to use our attribution tag. Right, which is true, you know, of any software services to close this gap and data? Besides asking them to use our attribution link?

Rob Stanley  43:41

Yeah, the only thing? Yeah, I think you're I think you're on track. They're the only one I know of use the natural attribution link that you give them to track it. I haven't heard any programs out there that will kind of like better do maybe some of the audience might might no one your work. You know, please throw it in the chat? If they do, but I unfortunately do not. I did have actually two more slides here, because I know you guys are asking. So here's a summary of all the kinds of AI tools we've covered. There's some bonus ones, I do want to cover this real quick. Futuretools.io. So every category you can think of where there's IO tools, these guys are adding literally AI tools daily. And futurepedia.io is the largest AI tool directory course that's their wording not mine. But I always like to look at those two, that's where I find out a lot about new AI tools that are coming out and if they're specific, so maybe if there is a tool and maybe you could try these both these directories, the first two under the bonus section, and then if you are going to do a build a channel for YouTube, or you want some tools, I've been using this tool for years and years to build my YouTube channels. It's twobuddy.com/selecttwobuddy and it's one of the best tools out there. There's another one out there but I put them head to head and two buddy's always come out ahead on this one. So and then just kind of last If you have any questions for me after this, and we're happy to, I'm happy to stay on ask and answer as many questions as you guys want. If you want a copy of the presentation I just did with all this information, there's a QR code or you go bit.ly/bwg-2023. And there's all my social media handles, my email, everything to get a hold of me. And I'm happy to stay on as long as we need Aaron and backup slides, whatever anybody wants to see or do happy to stay on and do that. Yeah. Awesome.

Aaron Conant  45:27

And we can send over a connected email afterward as well. Absolutely. You can just include the presentation in that. Yeah. I mean, he and I, may we have a follow-up conversation, there's probably a brand in the network that's, that's tried to address it as well. I know, you're talking about the gap and attribution and not necessarily getting the affiliate fees back. But hey, did it work? Who's working? Who's not working? How are they driving when they know they're getting the cash? Right? But you don't actually know if it's working or not? Absolutely, I'm going to have to ping some VA. And I'll send you a follow-up now we can.

Rob Stanley  46:02

I stopped I stopped selling in 2018. So you know, that type of information would be something I would have to hear about. I'm sure there's somebody in the community that probably would know the answer to that. Or maybe it's just not possible.

Aaron Conant  46:13

Yeah. And others. If you have any questions, any of this stuff, trap it in the chat or the Q&A, and we'll jump into it. Yeah, I mean, the reality is, as things we've had major PR for Prime Day over the past few days, Oh, yes. Right. Yeah. Right. You think they would want to share, right, so the content, you would think they would want to share how much they're driving to say, hey, let's keep partnering together. But it would be great if there was an AI tool that could go in there and pull it out. No, I mean, this has been super fun. I don't have any other questions coming through the chat right now or the Q&A. And so I think everybody loves the gift of time. And so we can go ahead and wrap it up here. Again, Rob, thanks so much for your time today. This has been incredibly fascinating. I love it all these raggedy I've got down to buddy right here. And you saw me researching as we were going. Fantastic. I love it.

Rob Stanley  47:17

Don't worry, you got the whole slide presentation. So yeah, got it there for you.

Aaron Conant  47:21

Awesome. And then others. You know, look for a follow-up email for me as well. I'd love to catch up with a lot of people that are on the line today. I'd love to chat with any new people. Again, we don't sell anything here at BWG Connect. It's networking. It's knowledge sharing across the board. Hopefully, we're gonna do an event somewhere near you, we can meet in person. But if not, just shoot me emails anytime you want. More than happy to jump on the line and connect. And with that. We're going to wrap up this webinar here, everybody, take care, stay safe, and have a great rest of the week. Thanks again, Rob. Thanks again. Appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Have a great day.

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