Customer Experience and Personalization as the Catalyst for Driving Predictable and Sustainable Growth

Nov 10, 2020 1:30 pm2:30 PM 


Delivering great customer experiences is no longer an option – it’s required to thrive!

During an increasingly competitive time in the digital marketing landscape, it can be easy to get lost in the ever-changing trends and customer needs in the B2B space. However, one trend is overwhelmingly clear: B2B customers expect tailored content. In fact, not only do they expect it, but some require it to move forward in the buying process.

In other words, generating personalized content for future buyers and customers is no longer a differentiating factor, but a minimum expectation to meet. Applying personalization strategies to B2B marketing efforts is crucial to prove relevance to your customer, reduce conversation friction, encourage engagement, and create a sense of urgency.

ANNUITAS, Adobe and BWG invite you to join other growth leaders in a discussion to take a deeper look into the requirements for driving predictable and sustainable growth in 2021.

Registration is free - you won’t want to miss this powerful discussion!

This event is co-hosted by Adobe, ANNUITAS and BWG Connect.

Discussion Topics

Trends driving the need for better customer experiences
Steps for operationalizing orchestrated buyer engagement
The role of people, process, content, and technology in creating a cohesive experience
Measuring and optimizing impact on growth
Examples of “best practices” in action

Event Partners

Guest Speaker

Lauren Goldstein

Chief Revenue Officer and Principal at ANNUITAS Co-Founder, Women in Revenue

Lauren is ignited by a passion for driving business outcomes. In her role as Chief Revenue Officer, Lauren helps marketing and sales leaders at growth-focused organizations transform their demand marketing to drive profitable revenue growth and excellent customer experiences. Over her twenty-five years in sales and marketing, Lauren has partnered with some of the world’s most respected and innovative companies, including Adobe, Airbnb, American Express, Google and JPMC.

Lauren co-founded Women in Revenue (, a non-profit built to empower women in sales and marketing with education, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Jennifer Harmel

Chief Operating Officer and Principal at ANNUITAS

Jennifer has over twenty-five years of experience in driving Demand Generation efforts for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe, to governmental agencies and small start-ups. Having worked as a client, a client agency and an agency owner herself, Jennifer brings a unique and all-inclusive perspective to her approach.
At ANNUITAS, Jennifer leads all aspects of the organization’s Strategy and Technology practice areas, ensuring that teams are building best-in-class solutions for clients ranging from global Enterprises to high-growth technology companies. She also serves as the Financial Services Practice Lead.

Event Moderator

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Event Information

Nov 10, 2020 1:30 pm - 2:30 PM

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