A few years ago, the term “digital transformation” was just a buzzword. Over the past year, it has become an impactful and necessary step to thrive in the technologically-advanced environment. But what are the best practices to successfully reshape your brand in the digital age?

From the Dark Ages to Digital: Grand Design RV’s Story

From the Dark Ages to Digital: Grand Design RV’s Story

One RV company, Grand Design RV, became instrumental during the pandemic. As an alternative to being stuck in their homes, families turned to camping — and Grand Design RV saw a rapid increase in sales. However, there was a major problem: the RV industry was stuck in the dark ages.

The brand’s platforms were limited and they couldn’t give consumers the effortless digital experience they desired. Tom Holt, the Director of Brand Experience and Marketing Operations at Grand Design RV, knew that they had to make a change but didn’t know where to start. So what did he do? He looked for help.

He scouted various agencies before landing on Hoodoo Digital, a consultancy that could develop, integrate, and design innovative solutions. Since partnering with Hoodoo Digital, Grand Design RV was able to evolve their workflows and user experience through unique rendering technology and custom database integrations.

How to Overcome Common Challenges of Digital Transformation

Change is difficult in any business. But what specific roadblocks should you be aware of in your digital transformation journey?

For Tom, it was a challenge to get his team on the same page. They were accustomed to a certain way of doing business, and now they had to learn a whole new process with various milestones and deadlines. On the technology side, integration with complex databases is often more difficult than expected. According to Lauren McCumber and Tyler Maynard of Hoodoo Digital, it’s not all plug and play — there’s a great deal of software development work needed to integrate successfully.

To combat both change management and software integration challenges, Tom, Lauren, and Tyler suggest crafting a flexible plan that leaves room for unexpected obstacles while clearly outlining your vision for a digital future.

Tips to Find the Best Implementation Partner

Tips to Find the Best Implementation Partner

What’s the best way to dive deep into your digital journey?

First, find an implementation partner to help you through every step of the process. There are plenty of solutions available, so it’s important that you find the right partner to help you narrow down options and work toward a common goal. Technology isn’t one-size-fits-all, and your implementation partner shouldn’t be, either. Make sure you search for a partner that is truly engaged in your business and its functions, understands where you’re headed, and aligns with the culture of your organization.

Additionally, there needs to be trust, transparency, and collaboration between you and your implementation partner. It’s much easier (and more rewarding) to work toward a shared vision than to conform to one rigid plan.

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