John Ghiorso

John Ghiorso is the Founder and CEO at Orca Pacific, a Media.Monks company, which is a full-service Amazon marketing services agency. He has over a decade of experience working with Orca Pacific and has built a reputation for approximating industry reactions and shifts in the Amazon marketplace. 

John is a keynote speaker and has been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Vox, Modern Retail, and Digiday. He graduated from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Are you an Amazon seller who wants to drive more traffic to build your brand? Scaling your brand is about taking chances and figuring out what works and what doesn’t — so what can you do to optimize and manage your brand?

John Ghiorso says that to overcome the dilemma of a typical four-wall retail strategy, brands need to understand the Amazon environment to be successful. If you have a foundational approach to retail platforms, you can find tremendous opportunities for growth as you move away from traditional methods. But use caution when establishing a marketing strategy. John recommends installing a budget and following how consumers perceive products. 

In this episode of The Digital Deep Dive, Aaron Conant sits down with Founder and CEO at Orca Pacific, a Media.Monks company, to discuss viewing Amazon as an opportunity to optimize your brand. John talks about the shift in brands considering Amazon as a growth platform, why establishing a budget is crucial for tremendous success, and using targeted marketing strategies to upscale products and increase ranking.

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Has your brand been preparing for months for Amazon Prime Day by stocking up on inventory and examining marketing strategies to stand out against the competition? There is extra excitement around this day of the year due to the potential for an increase in traffic and revenue. Unfortunately, not many brands allocate enough inventory or advertising budget to withstand an entire day of consumer shopping.

How To Avoid Depleting Your Budget Too Quickly on Prime Day


Many brands begin ramping up product marketing and increasing inventory purchasing months before Amazon Prime Day is announced. This year, with the increased supply chain disruption, it may be difficult for a brand to ascertain which product to appropriately stock, and which to market. So what does this mean for you?

Ensuring you have a strong Prime Day strategy begins with expanding your budget for marketing. Mike Battista from Orca Pacific recommends budgeting for three times your typical amount and tightening your budget months in advance to prepare. Competitors will be doing the same, so to gain the advantage and the appeal of consumers, you will want a healthy budget to promote your products without the fear of disruption or depletion.

Promoting Coupons for Profitability


On Amazon Prime Day, there are many opportunities for a brand to take advantage of the increased traffic. Lightning deals are a popular strategy, but what about products that are not offered as part of the deal? Products that are not listed can still generate revenue for brands with the help of a different promotional tactic: coupons.

Coupons can be used as a merchandising vehicle to increase your revenue and remove inventory from your shelves. Jeni Doig from Orca Pacific says there is a great opportunity the week before and after Prime Day to take advantage of the increased traffic. Not only do coupons offer the seller more control over their products — with the ability to cancel at any time and to select a set amount of units to be sold — but they can also help you stretch out the sale of a product to avoid inventory constraints.

Balancing Advertising and Promotional Strategies


Increasing your budget for advertising before Amazon Prime Day can be detrimental if you’re not careful. Mike Battista cautions against overspending on your advertising and depleting your inventory too quickly. By doing this, you can diminish your relevancy and remaining inventory with nothing to show for Amazon Prime Day.

Mike says it’s important to balance profitability and driving traffic through advertising. How? He looks at the data to understand the best ways to allocate funds to target a specific audience and remain within a budget. He also uses other tools like coupons and promotional strategies to determine the right time and amount. This way you will have profitable campaigns and a strong inventory.

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