Nich Weinheimer

Nich Weinheimer is the General Manager of Strategy and Commerce at Skai (formerly Kenshoo), an omnichannel marketing platform that helps performance marketers to plan, activate and measure programs across digital media for informed decisions, high efficiency and optimal return. Skai uniquely connects data and workflows across all walled garden media and its retail media partners include Amazon Ads, Walmart Connect, Roundel, Instacart, Kroger, Criteo, CitrusAd and many more.

In his current role, Nich delivers innovative software and data solutions to the rapidly-evolving landscape of retailers and brands. With over a decade of experience in digital advertising, Nich has held leadership roles, including Head of Advertising for Buy Box Experts, Co-founder and Managing Partner of WNW International, Data Consulting and Enterprise Sales at Ekata, and Director of Sales Operations at Commerce Hub.

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The continued advancements in retail media present a new set of challenges for brands and retailers who must transition from traditional to digital media. So, how can your business stay ahead of this shift to drive performance and growth?

Driving growth in digital retail media requires understanding and managing your brand’s data to leverage upper funnel media. Perhaps the most recognizable and powerful tool in a merchant's toolbox is Amazon's Demand Side Platform, or DSP. This platform allows merchant's to programmatically buy ads to reach new and existing audiences, both on and off Amazon. Merchants who can successfully leverage the power of DSP can see a major impact throughout the funnel. 

In today’s episode of The Digital Deep Dive, Aaron Conant sits down with Nich Weinheimer, General Manager of Strategy and Commerce at Skai, to discuss navigating the shift in retail media. Nich covers some of the top challenges brands and retailers face across the eCommerce continuum, the benefits of investing in DSP, and how retailers can scale their businesses using display media.

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