Are you a new brand or launching a product and not sure how to effectively measure user data? By examining consumer data using the Amazon Marketing Cloud, you can have greater insight into how to meet your customer across their shopping journey. Not only that, but you can even understand how your customer is engaging with your ads and what is motivating them to purchase.

Following the Consumer Journey Through the Amazon Marketing Cloud

For many brands, improperly measuring the impact of their sales marketing techniques can be detrimental. Without accurate data, you’re left in the dark on product capabilities, unable to budget properly, and can’t connect with your target audience.

So, how can you set your brand up for long-term marketing success?

Gloria Steiner, the Customer Success and Business Intelligence Team Lead at Perpetua, says that if you want to optimize your performance and appropriately allocate your budget, examining the customer-level data is key. Why? Because the Amazon Marketing Cloud allows you to follow the consumer touchpoint across multiple platforms, you can see how to maximize your brand’s fullest potential in real time.

Gloria’s advice? Use these insights to allocate your budget and market your product for best results.

The Benefits of Overlapping Display Campaigns

Increasing your advertisement visibility can cause concern among brands that are worried they’re over or under influencing consumers on their journey — which is leading consumers to steer away from products and decrease your revenue.

How can a brand measure the value of visibility among consumers? Gloria recommends measuring the overlapping data between the display and video advertisements.

By adding an additional layer of visual advertising by video targeting, Gloria says that a consumer is 1.9 times more likely to purchase the product after viewing both ads, so viewing the impactfulness of the overlapping ads is beneficial for your brand. A video advertisement combined with a display campaign can clearly communicate the value and effectiveness of a product to the consumer — making them more likely to purchase the product.

How to Optimize Performance and Allocate Your Budget

When it comes to launching your product and advertising your product off and on Amazon, using the Amazon Marketing Cloud to measure your data can help you bring customers back for repeat purchases.

The Amazon Marketing Cloud can connect the dots between the effectiveness of ads across multiple platforms. Gloria’s experience has shown that this is important to see exactly where the product is purchased.

Knowing where consumers purchased your product is crucial for understanding how to better target your audience. If you’re a new brand or launching a new product, measuring the user metrics can help you build a better marketing strategy and gain traction. In turn, this will increase your revenue and scale your brand. Who doesn’t want that?

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