James Thomson

James Thomson is the Managing Partner at Equity Value Advisors, where he supports private equity and branded product leaders with due diligence and strategy consulting to accelerate equity value through eCommerce. He is a Board Member and Investor in Mamenta, Davinci Micro Fulfillment, and MAVI.io. Before his current roles, James was the Chief Strategy Officer at Buy Box Experts, a company that offers premium Amazon services to medium-sized and large-sized brands around the world to optimize and grow their businesses. 

James continues to immerse himself in the world of Amazon issues. Before Buy Box, he served as the Business Head of Amazon Services — a division of Amazon responsible for recruiting 10s of 1000s of sellers annually to the marketplace. He also served as the First Account Manager for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Before Amazon, James was a management consultant and banker.

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When it comes to the eCommerce M&A (mergers and acquisitions) space, investing in Amazon aggregator brands can be profitable. Yet, these collectors often lack the strategies to manage and scale their companies effectively, resulting in debt and profit loss. So, how can you facilitate the aggregator business model to optimize your portfolio?

When acquiring a portfolio company, you must first develop an M&A strategy to maximize profit. This requires analyzing your portfolio and the price point to determine if the acquisition is right for you. When rebuilding a brand after purchase, it’s essential to recruit strong operational teams that understand Amazon’s policies and growth prospects. By strategically preparing for your investment and developing the appropriate standard operating procedures, you can leverage aggregators for your portfolio.

In this episode of The Digital Deep Dive, Aaron Conant talks with James Thomson, the Managing Partner at Equity Value Advisors, about the current Amazon aggregator market. James explains the requirements and challenges of the aggregator business model, strategies for optimizing your investment portfolio, and how to drive growth in acquired companies.

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