Released Q1 2021

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Report Takeaway:


Average Respondent sentiment on Roblox’s positioning has significantly improved over the last 12 months, increasing from a 6.68 out of 10 (on average) to an 8.43 out of 10 (on average).

Insights on:

In light of the upcoming Roblox IPO, BWG is launching our first iteration of a Roblox focused insight report. We capture responses from 16 game developers, mobile ad networks & industry consultants on key questions related to Roblox’s competitive positioning & outlook.

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Off the shelf and custom surveys from a network of over 125,000+ senior 
professionals and a proprietary database of over 1 million contacts.

My utilization of BWG has certainly picked up during this period. You continue to do a great job with your value-add more apparent than ever in volatile times.


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