Payment Trends and Transactions

Impact on Consumer Behaviour and Fraud

September 24, 2020 | 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EST


BWG and Forter invite you to join a conversation discussing how payment trends and transactions are impacting merchants and affecting the overall customer experience. 

There is no cost to join. There are no Sales Pitches or Presentations. This event is co-hosted by Forter & BWG Connect.

Discussion Topics

  • Macro outlook on payment trends & transactions - Who's winning and who's losing 
  • How has the current environment impacted fraudulent activity  
  • Payment insights from Forter’s Global Merchant Network of more than 750 million consumers and $200 billion in transactions.
  • Shifts being seen in markets, transaction volume, where customers are spending, target areas for fraudster in eCommerce and retailers

Event Partner

Guest Speakers

Michael Reitblat

CEO and Co-Founder at Forter

Michael Reitblat is the co-founder and CEO of Forter, the leading e-commerce fraud prevention solution that protects merchants against various types of abuse (including account takeover, return abuse, and coupon abuse) at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Under Michael’s leadership Forter has secured $100M in funding and currently works with Fortune 100 retailers, top travel companies, and digital disruptors. In the past 12 months alone, Forter has doubled its customer base and now processes more than $55 billion in transactions annually.

Event Moderator

Bill Williams

CEO at BWG Strategy LLC

BWG Strategy is a research platform that provides market intelligence through Event Services, Business Development initiatives, and Market Research services. BWG hosts over 1,800 interactive executive strategy sessions (conference calls and in-person forums) annually that allow senior industry professionals across all sectors to debate fundamental business topics with peers, build brand awareness, gather market intelligence, network with customers/suppliers/partners, and pursue business development opportunities.

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Event Information

September 24, 2020  |  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST

Event format

Q&A Discussion
Moderated Fireside Q&A with Michael Reiblat, CEO & Co-Founder of Forter  
Make Connections
Interested in learning more? We can facilitate opportunities to connect after the session.

What is BWG Connect?

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG Connect, in conjunction with BWG Strategy, has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

In addition, BWG Connect provides free consultations & specializes in helping brands of all sizes with their eCommerce planning and execution. Our team has decades of experience related to the eCommerce & retail ecosystem, and will take the time to understand your goals so that we can help you build a winning strategy that is curated specifically for your business. We have had 1x1 conversations with over 3,000 brands and have a real-time pulse on what digital strategies are successful and why. This in-depth knowledge allows our team to operate on the cutting edge and provide our clients with best -in-class guidance on how to win in the digital world.
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