Digital Tools and Systems for Healthcare Organizations

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Digital Tools and Systems for Healthcare Organizations

With new customer demands and digital transformation, the healthcare industry is facing a different set of obstacles than ever before. However, as healthcare-related challenges occur, there is new technology available to support the staff and patients. To help you succeed in this digital landscape, we’re reviewing the solutions and products that can help you provide better care for patients and better systems for employees.

The Rise of Telehealth

Traditionally, healthcare tended to lag behind other industries when it came to technological advancements. But when the pandemic struck, telehealth exploded in the healthcare world. Now, there is a huge demand from patients and teams to put virtual care at the forefront of the healthcare system.

Tom Hileman of Hileman Group says the best healthcare providers meet patients where they want to be — and today that means online. Telehealth offers many incentives in-office visits cannot: remote access, lower copays, and extended hours, to name a few. Telehealth is a perfect solution for patients who want virtual care and visits without losing the personal connection and care of meeting a doctor face-to-face. By catering to patients’ wants and needs, telehealth is leading the path for digital care.

The Rise of Telehealth

Automation Tools For Healthcare Teams

As a care management team, being able to swiftly deliver a personalized experience can vastly increase patient acquisition and retention. But, how can you execute this in a digital world? One tactic is to use care automation. Care automation is a digital tool that helps employees work at their best and highest ability — and deliver a patient experience that is personalized, error-free, and cost-effective.

For Megan Pruce and her team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, automation means that staff can effectively perform their duties without being encumbered by other tasks. They’re excited to utilize unique automation features such as chatbots and email outreach.

Automation Tools For Healthcare Teams

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve The Healthcare Industry

According to Tom Hileman, the healthcare system has an overwhelming amount of data — and most of it is not being used effectively. Many important resources are being left untapped, but implementing an artificial intelligence data tool into your system can change this. In fact, AI can produce higher patient satisfaction, better targeting, and improved employee engagement.

There is value to be found in examining patient data to produce effective marketing campaigns and predictive analysis. With AI technology, healthcare systems can provide patients with better care by tracking their progress and needs, so they can make informed decisions and improve their health over time.


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