Key Reasons DTC Brands should Streamline Content Generation

Feb 18, 2021 12:00 pm1:00 PM 


Here we are in 2021 and Content is still King! Digital Marketers in this era need to understand just how important content is when developing a holistic marketing strategy that can satisfy everything from generating brand awareness through new customer acquisition & developing brand loyalty.

Join other digital marketers, content experts and senior content generation experts to discuss content optimization, best practices & digital marketing tactics that are proven to boost your ROAS regardless of the digital marketing channel(s) that you are leveraging.

There is no cost to join. There are no Sales Pitches. No Service Providers.

This event is co-hosted by BWG Connect and Cohley.

Discussion Topics

  • The Rhone Success Story: Explanation of how they achieved a 400% increase in ROAS after optimizing their content
  • Creative content development strategies for advertisers
  • What we know around best practices & challenges for digital marketers re: the key digital marketing channels.
  • How to build a business case for going all-in on generating quality content for digital marketing campaigns.
  • What are advertisers doing to maximize performance of their digital marketing channels today?

Event Partners

Guest Speaker

Tom Logan

Co-Founder & CEO at Cohley

Tom Logan is the Co-Founder and CEO of NYC-based Cohley — the tech company that’s changing the way brands generate and test content. Tom leads with a “people first” mentality, continuously moving Cohley up the ranks of “Best Places to work in NYC.” Tom entered the tech world back in 2011 in Silicon Valley with Wildfire Interactive then spent a few years at Google before joining UGC-focused Piqora where he met his Co-Founder, Erik Graber.

In his free time Tom likes to play golf, drink wine from his native Santa Barbara County and relive his 15 minute of fame: Winning a car on The Price is Right in Bob Barker's final season.

Event Moderator

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Event Information

Feb 18, 2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 PM

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