Defining Loyalty: How to Stand Out in Today’s Environment

Nov 16, 2020 11:00 am12:00 PM 


There are four fundamental challenges influencing today’s loyalty environment:

Consumers - Consumers are more connected and attention started than ever before, pressuring players to differentiate and connect to consumers in more personalized ways.
Competition - The proliferation of brands and loyalty programs makes it more difficult to create differentiated experiences as non-traditional competitors continue to gain share.
Configuration – Many brands have jumped into loyalty without an intentional approach to evolve programs over time; as a result, programs have lost their competitive advantage and. become stale.
Climate – COVID-19 is putting trust and confidence to the test; this crisis is driving different behaviors and expectations as consumers engage with traditional brands in non-traditional ways.
How can your brand stand out in today’s environment, while building and deepening relationships with customers?

BWG Connect & Deloitte Digital invite you to join a group of your peers for an interactive discussion on how brands are building loyalty with their customers as we live life under the “new normal” of a global pandemic.

Registration is free - you won’t want to miss this powerful discussion!

This event is co-hosted by Deloitte Digital and BWG Connect.

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Oliver Page

Advertising, Marketing and Commerce Ecosystem Lead at Deloitte Digital

Oliver is a Principal at Deloitte Digital, and leads Digital across the Automotive, Travel, Hospitality, and Services industry. With 15+ years of experience across a variety of industries, he helps senior executives capitalize on their customer and employee experience and technology investments. Oliver operates at the intersection of strategy and technology, and focuses on digital and technology strategy, customer experience design, data and analytics, and large-scale systems implementation and operations. Most recently he led Chipotle’s digital transformation growing the channel from 1% of revenue to 20% of revenue as cited in their most recent earnings report. In addition, he is transforming the largest rental car company by creating highly personalized digital experiences across the end-to-end rental journey.

Ramya Murali

Principal at Monitor Deloitte

Ramya is a Principal at Monitor Deloitte, focused on the Automotive, Travel, Hospitality, and Services industry. Ramya works with her clients to understand the disruptive trends impacting their business, and architects transformation programs to drive growth. Her work includes corporate growth strategy, marketing and customer engagement strategy, capability building, and innovation. Ramya has served clients across a range of industries, including hospitality, consumer products, sports, manufacturing, food, distribution services, and the government/non-profit sector. Ramya has been serving Marriott with pleasure since 2013, and has delivered projects across BMSC including Loyalty, Cobrand, Brand, Customer Journey Mapping, and supported the Starwood integration.

Bobby Stephens

Principal at Deloitte Digital

Bobby is a Principal at Deloitte Digital with nearly 20 years of consulting, operations, and start-up experience in the US and abroad. Bobby focuses on helping consumer clients identify innovative ways to acquire and retain customers across loyalty, commerce, mobile app, digital marketing, and in-store platforms. Most recently, Bobby used human-centered design to architect the strategy and rollout of a Loyalty program at a regional convenience store chain. In 2012, Bobby co-founded and led Bucketfeet, a VC-backed global omni-channel retail startup.

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Nov 16, 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 PM

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