Amazon Strategies that Beauty, Skincare & Haircare Brands are Using to Multiply Sales

May 11, 2021 1:00 pm2:00 PM EST


The massive shift from brick and mortar to digital in the last 18 has significantly changed the competitive breakdown of companies vying for market share across the digital landscape. In the US especially, it is no more apparent than on Amazon. In already hyper competitive product categories, like Beauty, Health & Personal Care, it has become paramount for brands to optimize their advertising strategy in order to get their products in front of the right consumers.

BWG Connect & Blue Wheel Media invite you to participate in an interactive discussion with your peers.

As always, there will be no sales pitches and there is no cost to join.

Discussion Topics

  • Review of best practices for key word search term bidding
  • How much Ad budget should go towards on-platform advertising?
  • Using off-platform Ad strategy to drive traffic back to Amazon
  • Understanding your content and winning strategies to optimizing it

Event Partners

Guest Speaker

Peter Kearns

Vice President of Amazon at Blue Wheel Media

Event Moderator

Aaron Conant

Co-Founder & Managing Director at BWG Connect

BWG Connect provides executive strategy & networking sessions that help brands from any industry with their overall business planning and execution. BWG has built an exclusive network of 125,000+ senior professionals and hosts over 2,000 virtual and in-person networking events on an annual basis.

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Event Information

May 11, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 PM EST

Event format

Roundtable Layout
Featuring 20+ executives, where everyone can ask live questions and learn from peers
On-Topic Discussions
Q&A format, moderated by BWG Connect with group interaction throughout
Make Connections
Opportunities to network before and after


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