BWG Strategy organizes interactive executive roundtable discussions, bringing together industry leaders to discuss key business trends, catalysts and challenges.

“BWG has afforded me convenient access to fellow executives to share industry news & ideas via conference calls that are very well run and highly professional. I’ve established ongoing correspondence with several new contacts and learned invaluable industry insights through BWG’s Q&A conference calls.”

Dean Taraboi, National Sales Director, Capcom

New York Roundtable


One hour Q&A conference calls and in-person roundtables are moderated to keep the conversation thought-provoking. These events are not sponsored, there are no vendor pitches and participants are not compensated. BWG has strict guidelines that restrict against sharing confidential information.

Participate in a New York roundtable networking


Join events at no cost to engage in unbiased discussions with a hand selected, high quality group of peers. They are time efficient forums to keep a pulse on trends, insights and your industry as a whole, and build new beneficial business relationships.

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